TIDAL Mod APK 2.95.0 Download (No Ads, 360 Unlocked)

If you’re only looking to listen to music without the need to explore its audio variations, then you can find such an experience on any mediocre streaming service. However, if you’re interested in new and amazing audio experiences, streaming options, and unique content delivery, then the Tidal Mod APK should do the trick.

download tidal mod apk latest version for android

What is Tidal Mod APK?

The Tidal Mod APK is simply a mobile streaming application that provides listening with a massive catalogue of more than 70 million tracks for FREE! That’s not even the best part; Users can explore the many impressive features that are unique and unfamiliar to other streaming platforms such as 360 Reality Audio, HD music videos, curated track information, and all the available artistic content.

App Info

NameTidal Mod
Size77 MB
Last updatedJanuary 08, 2024

Download Tidal Mod APK Latest Version for Android

Tidal Mod APK is a modified version of the basic Tidal Music app. The difference is that while the basic version has limitations on its exquisite features, such as 360 Reality Audio, the Mod APK strives to unlock all of them free of charge. It also comes with anti-ban properties that prevent users’ accounts from being detained or suspended because of using mods to access music freely that would’ve otherwise been paid for. You can get your latest version of Tidal Mod APK from the link offered below.


Select Your Favorite Artists


After signing into the app and before accessing any music content, you are required to select at least three of your favorite artists. This is so that the app can provide you with content related to your picks. However, you’re not limited to the number of artists you desire as a broad range of them from every genre is represented both local and international.

Whether you’re a fan of popular genres like hip hop, pop, RnB, and rap, or you enjoy the lesser-known ones such as pirate metal, black MIDI, or lowercase, you can find everything on the Tidal Mod APK.

Incredible Sound Quality Experience (Unlocked 360 Reality Audio)

As the music grows along with its quality, users demand a more unique and out-the-box sound experience for their files. That’s how we got to 360 Reality Audio and this sound setting brings realism into stereo by creating a studio or concert-like experience for the listener. Using headphones, you’d get a 360-degrees audio experience whereby the music is immersed from all around your head and not just the earpieces.

Download Playlists/Albums/Music Videos

The Tidal Mod APK allows you to download all of its content, including single tracks, music videos, playlists, and entire albums, for free.

With an SD card setup on your smartphone, you can save downloaded content into your phone or, rather, offline in the Tidal application. It’s also possible to change the download destination in the settings.

Disabled Audio & Visual Ads

If you’ve ever streamed music on services like Spotify, YouTube Music, or even Tidal using the free plan, you will experience audio and video ads. Sometimes these ads might even come up in the middle of your favorite song, leaving you with no other choice but to wait for it to disappear.

However, you don’t need a paid plan to enjoy an ad-less experience on Tidal because the Tidal Mod APK has disabled all video and audio ads free of charge.

Play Offline Downloaded Playlists/Albums/Music Videos


Downloaded any songs, playlists, albums, or music videos onto your SD card? You can listen to any of your downloaded content while offline. Simply scroll to the app’s offline page and select the downloaded media files you want to play. Similarly, the app is also a player that allows users to listen to offline music on their phone that was originally downloaded elsewhere.

Watch HD Music Videos

The Tidal Mod APK experience offers users the best of music videos from their favorite artists in HD. You can access all kinds of music videos from various artists, visual albums to exhilarating live shows documentaries on different creations, artists conversations, and album experiences from the video category. You can even favorite any video of your choice and add them to your playlists for rewatching.

Unlocked Lyrics

Singing along to your favorite song is always such a vibe. However, getting all the lyrics right isn’t always a guarantee, unlike embarrassing yourself when you mess up them up in front of people. That’s why the Tidal Mod APK has unlocked lyrics to all your favorite songs giving you the perfect karaoke experience and also allowing you to really understand what the artist is saying.

Unlocked Track Info

Any streaming service or app that offers its users information about the current playing track will always be an excellent recommendation for me. Tidal Mod APK has unlocked track info for its users, giving them all the important information needed to learn about the creation of a certain song. This info includes the artist, release date, producer, related album, and other major content that can prove useful to anyone looking to learn more about the media file.

Disabled DRM Restrictions

DRM restrictions place limitations on content access in various streaming services. However, with the Tidal Mod APK, these regulations have been disabled, allowing users to listen to their favorite content without the fear of being unable to download and play it on apps other than the Tidal application.

Unlimited Skips

With the free plan, you are provided with a limited number of skips on a track. Once they’re over, you would be required to get a paid subscription for the restrictions to be lifted. However, with the Tidal Mod APK, you get unlimited skips at your convenience.

Unlocked Queue Tracks

Trying to queue a specific track before your current song ends? Well, you probably can’t do so using the Tidal basic plan. That’s why you need the Tidal Mod APK to remove such limitations allowing you to add as many songs as you want to your queue.

Unlocked Master Artist Radio

With the Tidal Master Artists Radio, users can listen to uninterrupted streams of various Tidal Masters based on their streaming patterns. Users can also search for specific Tidal Masters from the search bar find a designated page from the “Explore” section.

Final Words

If you’re looking for an entirely different music experience, then you’re on the right track with Tidal Mod APK. Explore new music content from over 70 million tracks available to you for free today. Don’t just listen to music; feel the music with Tidal Mod APK.

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