Musixmatch Premium APK 7.10.0 Download Latest (Free)

Do you want to learn the exact lyrics of English songs? If yes, Musixmatch Premium APK is the finest android application that we could offer for you for free. Comes with all exclusive features like offline mode and no ads. Well, read the article for more info.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley. Music speaks in emotion and can evoke different reactions from different people, and without it, life on earth would most definitely be a mistake.

We all have that one favorite artist whose song left us with Goosebumps and in awe. Every time we hear the lyrics to that track, we get carried away from reality and to a much better place.  While the instrumentals say a lot, the lyrics make the most noise.

We all want to hear what the message in the song is, and at times, hearing every single word in a track may not be 100% accurate. That’s why the lyrics are always availed to us for confirmation, and whenever we cannot identify the song itself, there are apps such as the Musixmatch Premium APK designed for just that task.


What is Musixmatch Premium APK?

Musixmatch Premium APK is an awesome application that supplies its users with accurate song lyrics to better their experience. It is a pro version of the original Musixmatch application and contains all of its features together with unlocked ones.

The app serves as the world’s most extensive collection of song lyrics that are used by millions of people for instant and synchronized lyrics from many music platforms.

Pro app offers an ad-free experience and offline download lyrics feature. Luckily we managed to unlock both of them. Download now for the best experience while listening to music.

Compatible with not only offline players but also online streaming apps like Spotify, Deezer and more. It actually detects the song and finds the lyrics from their database.

Version Info

NameMusixmatch Pro
Size21 MB
SupportsARM, ARM64, & x86
Last updatedJanuary 03, 2024

Download Musixmatch Premium APK Latest Version for Android

The Musixmatch app is available for Android devices on the default app store. However, to access the premium version, one would be required to upgrade their subscription by paying for a new one, and this doesn’t come cheaply.

Luckily, you can get the modified version of Musixmatch Premium from third-party sites like us for free and start your excellent music experience without having to pay a single dime.

Download the latest version of Musixmatch Premium APK below:


Identify any unknown song

Many a time, you may have encountered situations in which you’re chilling at a café, or enjoying drinks at a social club, and you happen to hear an unknown song. I have fallen victim to such circumstances, which have left me very irritated and stressed out.

However, Musixmatch Premium comes with a smart song recognition feature that offers a solution to this frustrating issue. All one has to do is open the application and click on the Identify tab located on the logo while the music is playing in the background. In a matter of seconds, the song will be accurately identified, and the lyrics will also be displayed in case you intended to sing along without embarrassing yourself.

Translate the lyrics

Musixmatch Premium allows you to translate any song, composed in a different language, into the language you so desire for you to understand the lyrics and message.

Offline lyrics

You might be singing out loud in the shower or practising your karaoke routine in front of the mirror, well, the latter is a common habit of mine, but at times I might not remember all the lyrics well. Trying to access the lyrics, many a time I’d find out that without an internet connection, I couldn’t get them, and this would force me to mumble out the verse and make do with what I’ve got.

With Musixmatch Premium, you can listen to any song and get access to the lyrics even without an internet connection close by. This feature is not only convenient to the user, but it also saves a significant amount of data that would’ve instead be used to download the lyrics to every song in your music library every time you play it.

Floating lyrics

The FloatingLyrics feature is a window that displays the lyrics to a song whenever it’s being played in the background or your music player. This feature makes it easier for users to multitask because they don’t have to switch between the music player and the Musixmatch Premium app. They can even access another app, such as WhatsApp, and still, listen to music while reading the correct lyrics.

The window automatically appears on the screen once a song starts playing, and you can perform all the basic Musixmatch Premium features like translating lyrics and identifying unknown songs as well as sharing.

Add Lyrics

Some songs may not be as popular as others, and this makes their lyrics hard to find n the Musixmatch catalog. However, if you have a favorite that you cannot find the lyrics to using the app, you can always transcribe them to the Musixmatch catalog, and they will be added for you and many other users who’d listen to the same track.

Discover an amazing community

Discover how to take part in building one of the world’s largest lyrics catalog by joining the Musixmatch Premium community. It is a platform that consists of over 6 million users and more than 40 million lyrics.

Here, you can become a curator, find answers and suggestions to all your problems, sync, review, translate, tag, add, and even report incorrect lyrics. The community joins millions of users together and enable them to share their favorite lyrics and take part in expanding the platform.

Song info and cover art

With the Musixmatch Premium APK, you can access all the information about any song, including the artist(s) involved in its composition. Also, no one likes to have a track in their music library that has no cover art or picture to make it look legit. You can fetch the cover art for all your songs using the app and make your library more exquisite.

Custom lock screen

You can play, pause, and even skip a track from your lock screen without having to open unlock it. Also, by enabling the custom lock screen in the settings, you can view synced lyrics on the lock screen as the track plays without the need to unlock your phone.

Choose your music source

Users have the opportunity of choosing the source of their music using the Musixmatch Premium app. They can either settle for their music library or the largest music streaming platform, Spotify. Musixmatch will then synchronize the lyrics to the songs from the chosen source.

Party Mode

Using this Premium feature, users can sing along to any song using word by word syncing and enjoy all the karaoke they desire. This feature also comes with animated backgrounds as well as custom fonts.


With the premium version of Musixmatch, there are no ads that can disrupt the users’ experience. Listen to your music and browsing lyrics without being distracted by rogue advertisements.

Boost speed

There is no need to struggle slow speeds when it comes to downloading the lyrics to any track. With the Musixmatch, you can optimize the loading and downloading speeds giving you a much faster and awesome experience.


You can enable push notifications from the settings that provide you with news and recommendations about the different lyrics, songs, and artists around the world.

How to Install Musixmatch Premium APK on Android?

Step 1. Once you downloaded Musixmatch Premium APK file on your android device, head over to any file manager which can access to the device storage.

Step 2. Use the search option to find the downloaded apk file.

Step 3. Once you are done with the searching, tap on the APK file.

Step 4. Allow unknown sources option from the android security setting and return back to the same location.

Step 5. Again tap on the APK file to install Musixmatch Premium APK on your android device.


Step 6. Open it and log in with your account

Gmail and FB login also work

Step 7. Allow the required permissions.


Step 8. Connect Spotify account if you want here. Otherwise, connect the offline library.

Step 9. Allow storage permissions.

That’s it.

Final words

App provides you with an easy-to-use interface containing a complete and extensive collection of lyrics, making it the best choice for you. For the best music experience, download the Musixmatch Premium that comes with all the unlocked features of the original.

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