PicsArt Gold APK 24.0.1 Download Premium [Unlocked]

Are you looking for a good photo editing android app? If yes, then we have a popular photo editing app that can easily improve the visual quality. Hey! We are talking about the PicsArt Gold APK which you can download from our for free of cost and get the benefit of their premium subscription.

Yes, you read it right. Generally, gold membership costs around 8$ a month or 48$ if you would like to opt for the yearly plan. However, here you can claim all premium benefits with our PicsArt Gold Mod APK where you can use the unlocked graphics, templates, and many more.

This photo editing app is well known and also most useful for the content creators, especially who are working on eye-catching thumbnails for YouTube videos. With this android app, creators can write text in the images by choosing various font styles and make the final output as an outstanding one.

The best app for YouTube creators in my case and I used to edit thumbnails on PicsArt with my android device at the starting phase of my YouTube channel. I highly recommended photo editing app from my side. Download now if you are one of the content creators.


What is PicsArt Gold APK?

PicsArt Gold Premium APK is a paid edition of the application which allows us to unlock some cool templates, magic effects, graphics, filters, fonts and more. It is a subscription-based membership, and one need to renew in a certain period of interval.

Get access to the 3000+ items, which includes beautiful stickers, collages, frames and backgrounds. We unlocked every paid item in the PicsArt Gold Mod APK. So, enjoy premium service for free.

The best thing is iOS users have access to video editing if they enrolled in the gold membership. The same doesn’t apply to the android users sadly, and the mod version from us since the developers didn’t introduce it yet.

Another interesting part is no-ads, yes, we completely removed the advertisements. However, you can edit favourite photos without disturbances either from banner ads, video ads and whatnot.

Version info

NamePicsArt Gold
Size80 MB
Updated onJanuary 05, 2024

Download PicsArt Gold Premium APK for Android

Normal people can edit their photos easily edit with the awesome gold features. No need for some technical knowledge to navigate the application and applying the filters that you like. Everything will be user-friendly and just move your fingers to where you want.

Enhance your selfies by applying to beautify filters and make them stand out in a bunch of photos. Upload your fantastic photos in the PicsArt social network where everyone comments and likes. Make awesome content and challenge yourself with the PicsArt Gold Premium App.

A small note from my side is; it just looks like a free application, but the reality is all premium features were unlocked. Just check throughout the app and make a valuable comment on our section.

BTW, Download PicsArt Gold Premium APK from below.



picsart premium icon
  • 100+ Templates – Access to the 100+ premade awesome template which you can use it for creating content instantly.
  • Exclusive Filters – Apply filter your favourite photos and bring a different mood to your existing ones with 40+ filters.
  • 3000+ items – These were all for people who purchase PicsArt Gold Premium membership. This list includes Stickers, collages, frames and backgrounds.
  • Exclusive fonts – Fonts will be updated regularly. So, you can create the best YouTube thumbnails or Instagram stories.
  • Social network – Like Instagram, you can upload your photos here too and also can make followers. If you like other creators, then you have an option to follow them too.
  • Camera elements – There are some decent camera elements which you can add while taking photos.
  • Drawing – This option allows you to draw something on their template and can save on-device storage.
  • Discover – Discover people’s creative ideas and follow them if you want to see more from them on your feed.
  • Ad-Free – Yes, Mod APK is completely ad-free and offers what premium users do really have.

How to install PicsArt Gold APK on Android?

Before going to proceed below, you must uninstall the free official application. Otherwise, our mod application won’t install on your android device.

Step 1. Once you read the above lines and follows them, you can open the file manager.

Step 2. Go to the folder where you downloaded the PicsArt Gold APK. Tap on the APK file.

Step 3. While trying to install APK from outside of the play store, you might face the security warning. Allow unknown sources option.

Step 4. Again go the same location and tap on the APK file.


Step 5. Install the app on android device.

Step 6. Open it and allow storage permissions to access the media files.

Step 7. Create an account or sign with the existing account.


Note: Login with Facebook and Gmail won’t work.

Step 8. That’s enough for the installation and pre-setup. Now, open any image or take a photo to start editing. I mean unveil yourself as an editor 😋

Final Words

So, with this PicsArt Gold Premium APK, everyone can easily get the subscription benefits without purchasing anything. If you would like to buy instead of using our modded version, then we appreciate your ideology. Make a purchase from the official site.

This is of the most popular photo editing application for android devices. Make use of PicsArt android app to create fantastic images by adding graphics and unlocked elements.

I hope you like this article. If you do, please share it with your friends. And I will meet you in the next one. Peace ✌️

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  1. The original latest version of picsart app from play store contains some extra awesome filters that are not present in your free picsart gold app. It seems that you remove paid filters and said that the
    Picsart gold is now free. Add those filters too if you can.


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