PLAYit VIP APK Download (Unlocked Mod)

At present, it is a time when short videos are the hottest topic in entertainment. In order to handle this new development, various technological developments have been made so that more video applications can be used on mobile phones. Facing the fast growth of the Internet, the need for content has increased rapidly. New forms of online video platforms have emerged to accommodate the needs of consumers and developers have developed thousands of video players and downloaders such as PLAYit VIP APK through which users can enjoy all this content.


What is PLAYit VIP APK?

PLAYit VIP APK is a free and fantastic application for your advanced Android smartphone. It is a media player capable of playing movies, videos, and music files in HD quality on your mobile device. The beautiful interface of this application makes it even better than its previous version that allows you to enjoy the video with full confidence. Apart from playing videos, you can also download them directly to your phone and play later while offline. Some features have been added in the recent version of PLAYit, like music converter, image slide show maker, etc., that will blow your mind away.

Version Info

NamePLAYit VIP Mod
Size120 MB
CategoryVideo Players
Last updatedJanuary 04, 2024

Download PLAYit VIP Mod APK for Android

Vip version of PLAYit APK is available for download on all android devices. You can download it for free and install it on your android smartphone or tablet. Vip features are unlocked. One would need to have paid a subscription to unlock the premium features while using the basic version, but this modified one comes with everything unlocked and ready for use. Download the latest version of PLAYit VIP APK from the link provided below.


Excellent Android Video Player

The PLAYit VIP APK is a fantastic video player designed for android devices. This app brings you a different experience and convenience in enjoying videos and provides all the necessary functions for convenient usage. With its advanced hardware system, it also allows users to play videos at high resolutions.

Supports all types of video format


As a professional android video player, the PLAYit VIP APK supports all types of videos. It supports not only HD but also 4K UHD video format. Moreover, it’s compatible with almost all of the audio formats out there, including M4A, TS, MPG, and so on. The PLAYit VIP APK uses an advanced hardware system to provide you with a smooth operation experience for videos playback at high resolutions. That means no matter how high resolution your video is in 3GP/MP4/MKV/MOV or other formats; you can play them back smoothly without any lag or stuttering.

Multitasking with background play

The PLAYit VIP APK is designed for professionals who enjoy videos even when working on something else. Enjoying your favorite music without losing focus on work sounds like a perfect deal! To achieve this goal, this android video player enables users to play audio and video in the background while performing other tasks simultaneously.

Music Player

The PLAYit VIP APK is not just a video player for android., More importantly, it has a very intuitive design that allows users to switch songs with ease instead of navigating through the interface on their phones! It also provides powerful music playback functions, including multiple playlists, album art, and equalizer settings for you to enjoy music from your mobile device.

Video downloader

Video downloader

The PLAYit VIP APK is a must-have video downloading an app for you to download online videos from social networking sites. It can detect any video media on your device within seconds and help you save it to your mobile phone to enjoy them offline whenever you want. The PLAYit VIP APK can support almost all social networking sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. You can also visit any website, and once the app detects a video, it will present the download icon for you to save to your device.

Get online subtitles

The PLAYit VIP APK is a professional android video player that provides subtitle search functions for online videos.  That means you can quickly get subtitles from the internet and add them to your movies or TV shows so that you can understand what the characters are talking about! These subtitles can be in English, Hindi, or Tamil, among others.

Manage local media files

The PLAYit VIP APK is an excellent media manager who can identify all videos on your device and SD card. It allows users to sort all media files based on type, name, source, or duration without hassle! You can then export them to other file-sharing sites like Dropbox or Google Drive and access them anytime, wherever you are.

Video to audio converter


To use the PLAYit VIP APK is more than just watching videos online. It can assist you in converting any video into a different audio format with high quality and just one click!  That means you can extract audio from videos to play them on your smartphones anytime, anywhere.

SW decoder

The PLAYit VIP APK uses next-generation hardware systems to improve the playback experience for video enthusiasts. Users can play videos at high resolutions smoothly with less buffering or lag! The advanced SW decoder generates a different experience playing your favorite movies and TV shows on your mobile device!

Video playback speed control

With support for adjusting video playback speeds during playback up to 5 times faster than average speed or slow motion in 1/8x time of real-time frame rate! The PLAYit VIP APK also features a classic audio pitch shifter function which allows users to change the audio pitch while playing a song on their device! Other settings include adding subtitles/captions from different sources and changing aspect ratio settings.

Audio equalizer and multi-band dynamics control system


Users can change their favorite song’s audio quality by adjusting frequency and gain on the user interface. The PLAYit VIP APK also provides multiple audio modes, including rock, pop, dance, classic, etc., with different bass, treble, 3D surround sound effects, vocal enhancer, and loudness! You can also use custom presets to adjust your music the way you want it without any hassle!

Final Words

Be sure to download PLAYit VIP APK if you want to enjoy your favorite movie or video on the go at high definition and sound quality with this media player. With lots of features to explore, this awesome media player will change your knowledge about entertainment and make you think twice before downloading any other video or music player.

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