WA Tweaker APK 1.7.2 Download Latest Version (2023)

Do you want to tweak your official WhatsApp? Yes, you heard it right it’s for the Official app. There are no mods required, therefore no bans. Isn’t it? But there is one thing needed to perform these actions that are superior to WAMODS. It is a so-called root privilege which requires running WA Tweaker APK on android devices.

If you are an Android enthusiast and have root access on your android device, then this app is perfect for you to do WhatsApp tricks. Meanwhile, you can able to theme with the help of the Xposed Framework. I know it requires little technical knowledge of the installation of custom recovery.

As per my understanding, Xposed Framework is a must to compete with the current WAMODS like YoWhatsApp in the aspects of privacy and customization tweaks. However, you can be in a completely ban-free zone when you adopt this method to get more features instead of unofficial apps.

We have given the official download link of the WA Tweaker APK from below. So, download it only if you know about rooting and other stuff that comes around.


What is WA Tweaker APK?

WA Tweaker is the one and only unique project which allows us to use hidden features of WhatsApp Beta versions that have not been publicly released yet. Along with that, users can also avail of some modifications like privacy, customisations and themes.

Developed by Alessandro Paluzzi (aka Alex193a) from Roma, Lazio. The best thing is; He also developed a separate version for the WhatsApp Business edition named WAB Tweaker (take a look from here).

It is a standalone app which doesn’t require adopting the base version every time, while mods should have gone through the process from the start every time if devs want to update their base as per the new version.

In this particular thing, WA Tweaker is quite beneficial to us to sneak peek into the options before going to the public.

Version Info

NameWA Tweaker
Size8.4 MB
DeveloperAlessandro Paluzzi
Last UpdatedJanuary 05, 2023

Download WA Tweaker APK Latest for Rooted Android

Here in this section, you will always find the official download link of WhatsApp Tweaker APK whenever you visited us. Because we were constantly updating the links according to the developer release. So, you won’t need to bother about the outdated apps or links on our site.

Although the developer placed the ads in it to make some money, you can still disable them if you want from the app itself. Before doing that, please donate some bucks to the developer to motivate him.

By the way, download the official WA Tweaker APK from the below link.

Downloaded? Read the features from below to know more about it.



Here are some unique features I found in this tweaker, Let’s read.

  • Enable GIF categories – Categories will organise the built-in GIF’s search engine.
  • Enable sending a broadcast to non-contacts – With the feature, you can able to send a broadcast message to the people who don’t save your number in their contact list.
  • Enable search sticker – Search stickers with the keywords like “Happy, Sad, lol, etc.” but this one is limited.
  • Enable Integrated add contacts – You can check whether the number is registered with WhatsApp or not before adding it to the contact list.
  • Fingerprint authentication – Now, this feature is available in the official beta.
  • Search images on google – This feature is quite a unique one. Even it is not introduced in any other WAMOD. What can this do? So, if you want to know the origin of the picture that you received, then you can simply select it and search for the image in google by using the option in the menu.
  • Forward limit – When you enable this feature, you can able to forward 20 people. This is not recommended one at this moment.
  • PiP mode – External PiP mode allows you to watch videos with a small window floating on the screen. Required oreo or up for this.
  • Hidden Features – WA Tweaker allows you to unlock the features which are not published yet to the public.
  • Colours Customisations – With this, you can able to change colours of the toolbar, status bar, Accent, background, title, subtitle, info, navigation bar, time and message counter.

Media Mods


Yes, WA Tweaker has media mods as like other apps do. Below is the list of media mods that you can avail of when you have only root access.

  • Send photos in the highest quality.
  • Increase the maximum size of the compressed image.
  • Send status in full quality.
  • Bypass the 30-sec video limit for status – this is not recommended at all at the present situation.
  • Increase document and media sending size limit.

Privacy Mods


Privacy mods can enable with the Xposed Framework. So you must have root and xposed installed on your device.

  • Freeze Last seen.
  • Always online.
  • Hide read receipt.
  • Hide delivery reports.
  • Hide typing…
  • Hide recording audio…
  • Anti revoke.
  • Show revoke alert – You will get a notification when someone revoked your messages.

For non-rooted users


These are very limited when compared to what rooted users are getting. However, these are enough for the basic users as per my opinion.

  • WhatsApp Cleaner.
  • Download status.
  • Download the Profile picture.
  • Click to chat – Just enter your mobile number and chat with them without saving their number.
  • PSA Chat
  • Downgrade
  • Extract APK to the storage of your phone.

Other Mods


Here are some remaining features available in the WhatsApp Tweaker. Read from below.

  • Increase group description limit
  • Disable rewriting preferences from the server.
  • Use the maximum value for the group name characters.
  • Toggle between GIPHY and TENOR.
  • Animated stickers
  • Custom wallpaper
  • Bypass expiry date.
  • Disable proximity sensor.
  • Show push name.
  • More…

How to Install WA Tweaker APK on Android?

Reminder: You must require root access and xposed to enjoy all features which is provided by the WA Tweaker for official WhatsApp. So, I recommend you check this detailed guide to install the systemless root on android with magisk.

Step 1. Download the latest WhatsApp Beta from the Playstore.

Step 2. Once you have downloaded the Official APK file from our site, go to the folder where you have stored it.

Step 3. Tap on the WhatsApp Tweaker APK file and allow unknown sources.

Step 4. Install it successfully.


Step 4. Open it and grant root and storage permissions.


Step 5. Now, follow the below guide to activate app in the xposed module section.

How to activate Xposed Module?

Yes, this app can be activated in the Xposed Installer when you have the proper framework installed. If you don’t know how to install it, then here are the guides for installations based on the android versions – check here (please carefully read their guide to understand all these things)

Step 1. Open Xposed Installer and head over to the menu.

Step 2. In the menu, select modules and enable the WA Tweaker Module there.


Step 3. Reboot your device.

Step 4. Now, Open the WhatsApp Tweaker and, navigate to the Xposed section, then update the patch. It will update the patch as per the current WhatsApp version that you have installed.

Step 5. Time to set up the modifications which you want.

Final Words

It’s a complete guide to installing WA Tweaker APK on android devices. One more thing I need to say that the developer will provide the patch updates for the latest version of WhatsApp instead of a total app update. It’s a time-saving and smart way to fix the issues that are caused by the most recent builds. You can check the patch status under the xposed section.

If you are a root user, then I recommend you to download this app over WAMODS because you can take advantage of official features by the WA team and the base version.

Please share this article with your friends. Peace out✌️

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