YTPlayer Premium APK 2.9 Download Latest (Unlocked Mod)

YTPlayer Premium APK is a modded application for android device. It has all premium features like YouTube & Spotify downloader.

Imagine an app that could not only allow you to stream and download music but could also avail the related music video for download too in the same platform. Now imagine another app that could be capable of downloading YouTube videos, Spotify and Soundcloud songs for free under one roof.

Finally, imagine an app that could perform all the above functions and spare you the need for downloading any other music app on the internet. Wouldn’t that application be a paradise for your Android device? Well, you can stop daydreaming and open your eyes to the YT

Player Premium APK that’s been right in front of you this entire time.


What is YTPlayer Premium APK?

The YTPlayer Premium APK is a music streaming application that also allows you to download YouTube videos, Spotify and SoundCloud songs without having to get a paid subscription for these apps. This app is the ideal music companion that brings you the best of many platforms into under one roof for easier and free accessibility.

It is developed by Kaustubh Patange and you can see his work on GitHub where you can contribute to this project and report issues if you found any.

Version Info

NameYT Player Premium
DeveloperKaustubh Patange
Size40 MB
Last updatedJanuary 02, 2021

Download YTPlayer Premium Mod APK Latest for Android

Get the YTPlayer Premium APK on your Android device, which is a free Mod that comes with all the premium unlocked features restricted in the basic version of the app. While this APK isn’t available on the app store, I will be providing the link to the latest version for you to download in this guide.

Download the latest version of YTPlayer Premium APK below.

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Stream Music


With a stable internet connection, YTPlayer Premium APK allows you to stream any kind of music online for free. There are thousands of music genres on the internet and this app allows full and free streaming for all your tastes. The Mod unlocks the potential of what the basic version was incapable of handling and streaming music couldn’t have been done in a better, and much higher quality. Sit back, relax, and tap on the play button because YTPlayer offers you limitless music from across the globe.

Trending Music


Browse through daily updates of the most played tracks on YouTube with the Global Top 100, the most viral tracks, and some of the Top 20 hot and popular music playing on SoundCloud. These lists are updated every day based on the collected data from YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify and shows which songs are currently ruling the streets in the music industry.

Popular Videos


Based on your current physical region or the one you opted to select from the list of available options, you get access to the most viewed as well as the most popular music video on YouTube in 2020among other categories. With the YTPlayer Premium APK, you get a musical diversity of both music and their videos online.

Discover More


You can take things further with the YTPlayer Premium APK and discover much more musical possibilities than you could’ve ever imagined from Spotify. You don’t even need to have the Spotify designated app to access the Top, Viral songs in the platform because with YTPlayer all your musical cravings would be satisfied. Explore genres that you never heard of and fall in love with something new.

Download high-quality content freely


Audio download quality ranges from MP3 to M4A format while video quality includes 480p, 720p HD, and 1080p FHD. The YTPlayer Premium Mod App gives you an opportunity that many other similar applications aren’t willing to offer when it comes to downloading capabilities. Download your most preferred content using the app’s inbuilt download manager and listen or watch it offline without an internet connection.

Create your Playlists


Find anything you like? Well, you can collect it and many more of the same to create your very own personalized playlist. You can even create a playlist without having downloaded the songs first and thereafter, export it to your device’s storage through which all its content would be downloaded. Shuffle and play music in your playlist and come up with the best grouped that you can listen to all day.

Backup and Restore


This could be the first app I may have come across with such an interesting feature. In the settings, you can back up your history and playlist as well as restore your previously saved data or sessions. You can even opt to clear all your saved sessions just to start afresh. With such a feature, you are assured that all your creations and would safe and restored whenever you require them.

Audio cutter


The YTPlayer Premium APK even offers you the opportunity to cut any kind of audio track on your device and modify it to your desired length for free. Such a feature would only be found in premium versions of subscribed apps but you get it on this platform at no costs.


Don’t like the quality of the track you’re listening to? Well, YTPlayer Premium APK offers you an equalizer that allows you to edit the quality or features of the sound you’re listening to. You can change the Bass Boost, Virtualizer, and even loudness among other features of the sound. Format the sound and edit it to your own liking.

Sleep Time


When you start playing a song, it would automatically play the next track once the current one ends and the trend would keep going. However, the application offers you a unique Sleep time feature that enables you to set a timer that would stop the audio from playing after a given period of time.

Watch on YouTube


For every song you listen to on the app, you can tap on the tiny YouTube icon on the bottom left corner of the screen and you would be automatically switched to the YouTube app where you can watch the actual video.

How to Install YT Player Premium Mod APK on Android?

Step 1. Once you land on our download page, there you can see the green download button. Tap on it.

If it doesn’t load correctly, then clear cache of your browser.

Step 2. Now, It will download to your android device. Wait until its done.

Step 3. Go to any file manager app and find the APK file.

Step 4. Now, Tap on the APK file and Allow this source option or allow unknown sources option.

Step 5. Install YTPlayer Premium APK file on your android device.


Step 6. Open and see the demo to know how to use application.

Step 7. Allow to run app always in the background.

How to download Spotify music for free?

This procedure also applies to download songs on YouTube Music and SoundCloud. Just follow the steps.

Step 1. Open Spotify and play any desired song that you want to download.

Step 2. Now, tap on the three dots and choose the share option.

Step 3. Here, you should select the YT Player Download option by clicking on more sharing options.


Step 4. Now, Spotify will ask you to login and authenticate.


Step 5. Just do it. Now, you will see the formats to download.

Step 6. Choose MP3 or M4A to get music.

Final Words

YTPlayer Premium Mod is the best app to get music offline from popular sources like Spotify and YouTube Music. Yes, we have given proper steps to download offline in your device storage. Also, there are some great features like Lyrics, Edit Audio, Equilizer and more.

Download YTPlayer Premium APK now in your android smartphone and Pick a song or track, play it in the background and share the app with your friends via Facebook and WhatsApp so that they can also enjoy the tranquillity of such amazing software.

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  1. Important hint : you should NOT use a regular Spotify account to download songs, cause the chance is high, that Spotify will ban the account.


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