Bluestar Cricket Mod APK v16.0 Download Latest [2023]

As a die-hard sports fan, it is your duty to find the best seats in the stadium for you to enjoy the game. However, if you can’t make it to the pitch, you’re tasked with finding the best way to stream the game live and keep up with everything that’s happening on the main ground. When it comes to cricket, there are many sites and applications that claim they can give you the best streaming experience but only end up with disappointments such as poor quality videos, buffering streaming sites, and unimaginable consumption of your data. However, all this can change with the Bluestar Cricket Mod APK, and this guide will show you how.


What is Bluestar Cricket Mod APK?

Bluestar Cricket Mod APK is a cricket-based application that brings you the best of the action regarding this sport. If you intend to live stream an IPL match, the app would be at your best disposal, providing you with accurate information and HD quality live streams. If you need to catch up on the latest and trending cricket news, the app will provide you with newsfeed, articles, and stories. Similarly, if you’re just looking to watch the highlights of the game or keep up with live scores, the Bluestar Cricket Mod APK can do all of it.

App Details

NameBluestar Cricket
Size18 MB
Last updatedMay 25, 2022

Download Bluestar Cricket Mod APK for Android

Bluestar Cricket Mod APK is a modified version of the basic or original Bluestar Cricket APK. Here, all items such as tickets and matches are unlocked, providing the user with unlimited access to everything cricket in the app. Watch the game live, follow up on real-time live scores, read news feeds and stories regarding the game, watch the highlights, and monitor the league table, among other activities. The latest version of the app is available at the link below.


Live Streaming

If you’re a massive cricket fan, then you stumbled upon the right app. Many cricket die-hards can only afford to catch the highlights of their most anticipated games because they’re preoccupied with other duties or located in an area with no access until their return home. The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way any longer. Bluestar Cricket Mod APK offers full access to all live cricket matches in the ICC and IPL for free. Watch the live stream of ongoing cricket matches without any interruptions from the comfort of your android device wherever you are.

Hindi & English Commentary

Cricket is considered the biggest sport in Southeast Asia and most especially India. People of all tribes would walk for miles and get together in the stadium just to cheer on their teams. For that reason, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the main interface language on the app is Hindu. However, because millions of people around worldwide also depend on the app to watch their favorite matches, English is also an available commentary language besides Hindu. Enjoy the game commentary in your most preferred language out of the two available options.

Cricket Articles


Sports fans don’t just stop at watching the game. These individuals go the extra mile to follow up on the current news and topics surrounding their favorite teams and players every day. A true cricket fan would keep themselves updated on all the stories, news, and articles written surrounding their teams because their loyalty is unquestionable. In light of this, Bluestar Cricket Mod APK provides users with the latest and trending cricket news, articles, and stories. Keeping yourself informed gives you a chance to analyze how best your favourite team can handle their next game and what issues to expect. Also, the content is available in both English and Hindu.

All Matches Unlocked

With the basic version of the Bluestar Cricket app, some matches are locked, forcing you to access their relevant tickets for access. However, with the Bluestar Cricket APK, all matches have been unlocked, giving you the freedom of streaming any game you want for free. You don’t need a paid ticket or to watch any ads just to collect enough coins for a ticket. Catch every game of the IPL or ICC every from the start to the end of each game and without interruptions because you have VIP access to all games.

Unlimited Coins

To get coins in the basic Bluestar Cricket app, one would have to watch the required videos and accumulate enough coins for the price of a specific match. Sometimes the process can be daunting, especially in regions that would require downloading and installing a VPN just so that you can access the videos that payout. While it can be worth the game, why would you go through all the trouble when you can get unlimited coins with Bluestar Cricket Mod APK? Simply tap on the collect coins option, and your current number of coins will automatically be increased by a significant amount with every click.

All Tickets Unlocked

As mentioned before, each cricket match or game on Bluestar Cricket requires the user to have enough tickets to watch the game. However, with the Bluestar Cricket Mod APK, all tickets are unlocked, leaving you the freedom to watch any game of your choosing.

Ads Removed

With the basic version of the application, you’d get annoyed with the many ads that pop up on the interface. While these ads are necessary for the sponsors, they can be annoying to the users, and that might force them to look for greener pastures elsewhere online. However, with the Bluestar Cricket Mod APK, all ads have been removed, leaving you with an incredible cricket experience.

Cricket Highlights

If you happen to miss the game due to unavoidable circumstances, you need not worry. Instead of listening to your companions for a summary of the game, why not head over to Bluestar Cricket Mod and watch every exciting moment that was captured in the highlights? You would get a better picture of how your team played against the opponents using the app as compared to relying on your friends and comrades for the details.

Real-time Cricket Live Scores

If you have no access to watching the game, then you can always keep up with the live scores that are updated frequently. The app has extensive coverage of all tournaments, whether it’s the IPL or ICC, and also provides accurate live scores to keep you updated on the game.

Final Words

It’s about time you take action to enjoy your favourite cricket match wherever you may be with the Bluestar Cricket Mod APK. No longer do you have to struggle with poor quality streaming sites, or miss out on any of the action on the pitch. Download the app today and enjoy the game like you deserve to.

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