CamScanner Premium APK (Pro Unlocked, Mod)

As we migrate towards a completely digital world, our efforts to transfer paper-based documents to digital platforms has led to the development of simple and effective tools such as the scanner. These devices help reduce the time friction that tends to come with having to type everything into your device manually and while they were originally big machines, they have also evolved to accommodate mobile users. There are multiple apps suitable for scanning and the CamScanner Premium APK is an excellent example that will be handled here.


What is CamScanner Premium APK?

The CamScanner Premium APK is a mod that provides users with all the pro version privileges of the basic CamScanner application, a robust and portable scanner. The app was designed to help users digitize documents as it provides a broad range of scanning activities such as editing, merging, and converting files easily. You can edit your personal files while enjoying the premium features for free including the ability to remove the watermark, high-quality scanning, unlimited uploads, and an ad-free scanning experience.

Version Info

NameCamScanner Pro
DeveloperCamSoft Information
Size75 MB
Last updatedNovember 18, 2022

DownloadCamScanner Premium APK for Android

Using the CamScanner Premium APK, users can easily turn their device’s camera into a scanner for easier digitization of documents. This means that you don’t have to carry your files and books along because the app gives you massive cloud storage for them. You can scan your files with ease and share them over multiple platforms online. Furthermore, this being a mod, you can acquire the latest version for free from the link provided below without any paid subscription fees.

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Format Conversion

Whenever you receive a file that cannot be read using the available software on your device, your only option would be to convert it into a format that is compatible. In such circumstances, many converter apps tend to handle part of the project conversion and request you to subscribe to their premium membership to get complete and unlimited format conversions.

With the CamScanner Premium APK however, you get free and unlimited format conversions without any paid subscriptions. Whether you’re looking to convert your files from PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, images, long images, or vice versa, this convenient mod has what it takes to accomplish just that in a matter of seconds.

Smart Scanner

CamScanner Premium gives you unlimited trials to scan images, ID cards, books, and even PPT in a much more convenient time frame as compared to other scanner apps. The app has also shown remarkable effort in ensuring the quality of each scan gives an impressive resolution that makes it difficult to spot any blemishes such as redundant ink details.

Image Text Extractor

Have you ever come across a motivational quote on an image that speaks volumes to your soul and wished you could have those words to yourself for everyday reference and motivation? What about the hilarious memes and jokes you’d find online and wish to forward the laughter to your comrades via texting? The above circumstances would require you to spend hours typing down the texts from these images but with the new OCR function from CamScanner Premium APK, you can easily extract texts from images as many times as you want.

PDF Signature

This is simply a digital signature that one can add to their documents or an image for authenticity and security. It is similar to the ink signature on paper documents such as contracts but is considered more secure. Within this feature, you can add a PDF watermark of your choosing for anti-theft or copyright purposes when printed, add a signature to one of your documents, and even compress large files into smaller sizes.

Watermark Removed

Whenever you scan a document using the free version of Camscanner, your results after editing always comes with a watermark. To remove this watermark, one would have to upgrade to the pro version of the app. However, using the CamScanner Premium APK, you can export all your files without any watermark.

Ads Removed

Imagine if you intend on scanning a particular document and just when you’ve tapped on the camera icon, a pop-up video starts playing. These ads can be a nuisance and sometimes users tend to give up the entire process altogether and look for another application only to find the same disappointments. With the CamScanner Premium APK however, all advertisements have been removed giving you a seamless and quick scanning experience.

PDF Password

Some of the documents on your device can be considered private. Therefore, CamScanner Premium offers you a way to secure your private information once and for all. You can add a password to any document preventing unauthorized access. Similarly, you can generate a special download link and share it with your comrades who would only be able to access the document’s content once you give them the password.


Have you ever come across a trending image whose word content is in a foreign language? Maybe you’ve accessed a document whose content you would like to translate into a language that you or its future receiver would understand. The CamScanner Premium APK allows you to scan and translate any text from its original language to your preferred dialect. There are many linguistic options to choose from including Espanol, Persian, English, Deutsch, Samoan, Italiano, Netherlands, Filipino, and Kiswahili Among Others.

Scan ID Card

This is a popular feature offered by the CamScanner Premium APK. Instead of searching for a service provider that would charge you to scan your ID to make a digital copy, you can always download the free app and make a 2-sided e-copy of your ID card, credit card, and passport photo in mere seconds. You can also add your own watermark to the scanned results for protection purposes. ‘

Passport & ID Photo Maker

No longer do you need to look for a physical photo booth just to get your passport photo taken and wait for extended periods just to have the pictures processed. Using the CamScanner Premium APK, you can choose templates designated for different types of passports, visas and IDSs, and the app will guide you through how to create one. You can either take close-up pictures using your camera or upload them from your album.

Book Scan

The possibility of scanning an entire book is now guaranteed with the CamScanner Premium APK. You can now scan the left and right pages of an open book as an entire whole and split them into two different images. Such a feature comes in handy, especially when the book you want has limited copies at the library and it would be difficult to take home.

QR Code

If you’re looking for a typical QR Code scanner, you don’t have to download an independent application for that. The CamScanner Premium APK allows users to scan any QR Code With its built-in camera.

Final Words

With the CamScanner Premium APK on your side, you most definitely will improve your efficiency when it comes to activities such as data entry. Digitize all your files within minutes and enjoy every moment of it as compared to spending hours on end on manual typing. Get yourself the latest version of this premium application and experience work made faster and better.

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