FiLMiC Pro Mod APK 6.17.8 Download Latest (Unlocked) 2023

FilMic Pro Mod is an Unlocked Version which means you can get all the premium/paid features in this modified application for android. Download now for shooting better videos with your smartphone.

There comes a time when we need a professionally shot video and the only thing close to a video cam is our smartphones. That project that would guarantee you an “A” in your grades requires a lot of effort to impress your teacher and getting the right tools and expertise can prove difficult.

What if I told you that you could get all the tools and professional help you need in one software that would guarantee you an automatic pass without much effort? Well, the FiLMiC Pro APK is the designated application that you need.


What is FiLMiC Pro APK?

The FiLMiC Pro APK is the premium version of the free FiLMiC application and is one of the most advanced video editor and cameras for Android devices equipped with all the major recording tools.

It comes with cutting-edge capabilities and has racked up numerous app awards making it one of the most impressive software around. For stunning photo and video quality and well as a highly responsive manual camera interface, I’d recommend this application to anyone looking to create the perfect and Oscar-worthy projects.

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Version Info

NameFilMic Pro
Size34.5 MB
Last updatedFeb, 2022

Download FiLMiC Pro APK Latest Version for Android

While the free version of FiLMiC is available on Google Play, you would need a paid subscription to get an upgrade to the Pro version of the app and access all the unlocked premium features it has to offer. That’s why you can download the latest version of the Pro Mod APK for free from the link provided and enjoy stunning video creation opportunities.

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High-quality video output


You may think that your advanced camera smartphone gives you full control of your recordings and shots when in a real sense the adjustable features and controls are limited as compared to what FiLMiC has to offer. You can switch through a variety of camera resolutions from as low as SD 540p, HD 720p, HD 1080p, to as high as 2K 1152p, 3K 1836p and finally 4K 2160p.

Furthermore, you can change the quality output of your videos by picking between economy, standard FiLMiC quality and extremely available options giving your overall video the much-needed boost that it deserves to be considered professional.

Live adjustment settings

Normally, the normal cameras on our smartphones and other Android devices enable us to edit our videos and pictures and make the necessary adjustments to perfect every shot or recording. However, when it comes to the FiLMiC Pro application everything goes live.

That’s right, instead of waiting for the best angle to record or take a picture, then edit it, you can kill two birds with one stone, and carry out all these activities together. Adjust the focus like you would in an actual camera and zoom in on your target object till you get the perfect angle. Play with the live control of various image color and tone for a more professional look and seamless integration into a colorist’s workflow. Control the White balance, zebra stripes clipping among others at your manageable disposal.

These live adjustments ensure you get the expert recordings and images with just one take or shot.

Advanced audio features


FiLMiC Pro Mod gives you spectacular audio features such as a dynamic audiometer that offers you useful feedback on the dynamics of the background noise and how it may measure up in the loudness wars. Stereo recording support to increase the quality of the voices used in the video and headphone audio monitoring for you to get the best audio in every recording as well as modify it depending on what you need.

Share in the community

Not only can you create amazing videos using FiLMiC Pro APK, but you can also share your creations with the online FiLMiC community for everyone to see. Share your content on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and even Twitter.

Let the rest of the world around you discover your hidden talent that involves video expertise and adjustment manipulation for the perfect shot. Create short trailers, doubletake split-screen videos and amazing music videos and give back entertainment to the community for a bigger fan base.

High-speed frame rates

Enjoy high-speed frame rates of 30, 60, 120, up to 240 fps depending on your hardware configuration and whether or not it can handle such large rates. This way you get to take amazing and smooth videos like a pro and avoid the blurry/choppy ones that a low FPS brings.

However, while low FPS can result in broken movement in your videos, it is less intensive on your phone memory and can be used in locations without fast-moving objects. Every FPS rate, whether high or low, has its benefits and you just need FiLMiC Pro Mod to expose you to the right one for a smooth and professional video.

Adjustable video edits

While the application allows you to adjust various settings live, before a shot or recording, it also allows you to edit the videos and change various aspects of it after the shot. Control the exposure of the video, the contrast, saturation, tint and even colour temperature giving you amazing after effect results for every one of your recordings.

Variety of aspect ratios

FiLMiC Pro Mod features a variety of aspect ratios for you to choose from for anyone of your shots. Select the most appropriate aspect ratio to be it, square (1:1), standard definition (4:3), HD Widescreen (16:9), among others such as Cinerama, Super 35, or Digital camera initiative (17:9).

Choosing the right aspect ratio when composing your videos is vital because you’d want to ensure that you capture every essential detail just right and FiLMiC Pro offers you a variety to ensure that you’re well covered.

How to Install FilMic Pro Mod APK on Android?

Step 1. Go to our download page and there you can see the green download button. Tap on it.

Step 2. It will start downloading to your android smart device. Wait until it gets downloaded.

Step 3. Open any file manager app, then search for the APK file.

Step 4. Now, Find the FilMic Pro Mod APK and tap on it.

Step 5. Now, Allow this source option and install on your android.


Step 6. Open the FilMic Mod app and allow storage and camera permissions.

Step 7. Start shooting with your camera.

Final Words

If you’re looking to advance your video projects to higher profiles and better quality, then using your Android device’s camera just won’t cut it. You would need FiLMiC Pro APK, which has been enhanced with state-of-the-art capabilities as well as a unique and sensitive manual camera interface available for Android devices unlike any other.

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