PowerDirector Premium APK 11.1.0 Download (Pro Unlocked)

PowerDirector Premium comes with pro features such as No Watermark, No Advertisements, Overlay Tracks, Premium Packs, Supports Ultra HD Quality Export and more. We unlocked all and Mod APK available for free to download from our site.

People no longer have the time and patience to sit down on their laptops and spend hours or even days editing one video just so that they can post it on social media when they are used to making regular posts on a daily basis.

Influencers, YouTubers and social media fanatics all rely on video editing programs and apps to produce the perfect video for their page or channel and this has led to the unimaginable increase in demand for such Android apps like the PowerDirector Premium APK.


What is PowerDirector Premium APK?

PowerDirector is an awesome video editing app that users can use to edit any video content or create amazing videos from scratch on their Android devices. It gives PC editing programs a run for its money with spectacular features and awesome functions. However, this app is limited to some features and only offers the basic necessities and that’s why people opt for the PowerDirector Premium APK.

Not only does the premium version unlock advanced effects and features, but it also removes the watermark that is rampant in the original app.

Version Info

NamePowerDirector Pro
Size60 Mb
DeveloperCyberlink Corp
Last updatedDecember 16, 2022

Download PowerDirector Premium APK Latest Version for Android

The basic PowerDirector app from the play store is free. However, because the advanced features and editing tools are locked, you would need to upgrade to the PowerDirector Premium APK to unlock all of them.

The premium version also has a downside because you would be forced to pay for the upgrade, which might not be cheap. As an alternative, you can download the PowerDirector Pro mod, which is a modified version of the premium one and free of charge. Get the official and latest version of PowerDirector Premium APK below.

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No Watermark


This might just be the most significant reason as to why users favour the PowerDirector Premium APK over the free PowerDirector app on play store. While the original version is free, it comes with some limitations and a watermark is one of them. This copyright symbol is automatically added to every one of your exported videos and in order to remove it, you would be required to upgrade to the premium version.

For a small-time editor or influencer looking to create awesome content for their pages, and upgrade might cost them a finger or two. However, with the modded version, you can create and edit perfect video content free of charge and without any watermarks.

Unlocked Premium effects


The PowerDirector app is limited to a certain number of video and transitional effects needed to enhance the quality of your edits. What you need is the PowerDirector Premium APK to unlock all premium effects that are sure to hide any mistakes and blow the viewer’s mind. Since the premium version needs some cash for an upgrade, you can always rely on the modified Pro version instead.

Full HD Quality


A recent study proved that more than half of people like watching videos in Full HD Quality because they get a clearer picture of the action. While this study is yet to be identified, you can download the PowerDirector Premium APK and enjoy exporting any video in Full HD Quality of up to 4K videos. For the most exposure on social media, and primarily for influencers or those aspiring to be, creating quality videos can go a long way when it comes to impressing the masses.

This premium version supports 4K videos in quality as high as 2160p allowing you to get the best editing experience and be proud of the perfectly clear picture motion. While other free editing apps only support up to HD quality and brag of an amazing viewing experience, PowerDirector Premium APK brings you top-of-the-line video quality content.

No Ads


There are thousands of free video editing apps in the market and most of them have one thing in common. Once you install the application onto your Android device and run it, at times, you may think that the ads in them are part of the app because they are consistent and don’t leave the platform. With the PowerDirector Premium APK, you get an amazing editing experience without any interruptions from ads.

Pan and Zoom

If you’re looking to embed still photographs on motion pictures or even an animated transition into a digital photograph, thus creating the illusion of movement, then you can use the pan and zoom effect. Just select the feature and adjust the start as well as end frames and you’ll get amazing results in an instant.

Video Stabilizer


To get more exposure for your videos on social media, you would have to try and make every new release something unique. This means that you should be capable of trying something new like moving a bit or changing the surrounding instead of just sitting down and talking about how much the current generation doesn’t understand good music when they hear it.

However, as we move around while shooting the video, at times it tends to be shaky, thus, affecting its overall quality. Instead of spending hours on end trying to correct the video by shooting a new one, you can always try out the video stabilizer feature in PowerDirector Premium APK. It helps remove the shaky effect from any of your videos by cutting off that unwanted portion and focusing on the main object.


It’s always commendable to explore any form of creativity when it comes to video editing and the PowerDirector Premium APK provides you with tons of opportunities to exercise your powerful mind. One of these ways is through the reverse features that allow you to reverse any video and play it backwards.

You can create interesting content that would require people to reverse the video just to understand your idea or concept of the video. All you have to do is click on the reverse feature and the changes will automatically be applied.

Supports multiple layers


If you want to take your editing skills and creativity to the next level using layers, the PowerDirector Premium app allows you to apply multiple layers onto the same video, a feature that many other video editing apps cannot handle or offer you. Make it snow while the scorching desert heat in the background of your video confuses your audience and makes them crave more.

Tutorials and Tips


If you thought video editing is hard and using an app such as PowerDirector Premium would be challenging, then think again. The application consists of an easy-to-use interface with tutorial videos and tips in the settings menu of the editing platform. You can even go through the “Frequently Asked Questions” section and find out whether your enquiries had already been expressed by someone else and answered, if not, you can ask for your own sake and that of others with similar questions.

How to Install PowerDirector Pro APK on Android?

Step 1. Hit the download link on our download page. It will start downloading to your android device. Be patient until it gets done.

Step 2. Now, Go to the file explorer and search for the APK file.

Step 3. Once you see that, Tap on it.

Step 4. Allow unknown sources and return to the download location.

Step 5. Now, Install PowerDirector pro apk on your android device.


Step 6. Open it and allow storage permissions to access the Video files.

Step 7. Select one and start applying premium items to it.

Step 8. Finally, Export your final video without watermark.

Final Words

For any social media enthusiast, and especially YouTubers, the PowerDirector Premium APK would be your safe haven to create amazing and award-winning content. Since the Premium product is a paid version, you can download PowerDirector Pro and get premium unlocked VIP pass for every feature. Once you like the app, be sure to share it with your friends so that everyone can get an amazing video adventure.

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