Last Day on Earth Mod Menu APK 1.20.2 [Latest Download]

Last Day on Earth Mod Menu APK is tweaked version to have amazing features including Unlocked Skins, God Mode, One Hit One Kill, Unlimited Food & Water, Modified weapons and more.

For once, put yourself in the shoes of one of the survivors of a zombie apocalypse and visualize your strategy of surviving through a broken world. What would you do to make it out alive? Do you have the skills and tactics needed to fend off intruders and keep yourself alive until you’re reunited with other survivors?

There are many ways to virtually test your survival skills during such zombie apocalypse outbreaks such as playing simulation games that offer players a live-action experience of surviving such a world. There are many games available that would give you a pretty good taste of a post-apocalyptic world and a popular one among players is the Last Day on Earth: Survival.

This is a survival shooter that provides players with thrilling gameplay and a captivating storyline. At times, navigating through your way to survival can prove to be challenging, and that’s why there is a helper mod known as Last Day on Earth Mod Menu at your service.

last day on earth mod menu apk download latest

What is the Last Day on Earth Mod Menu APK?

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a survival shooter game set in the year 2027 that saw a deadly outbreak of an unknown virus claim a significant part of the human race, killing and resurrecting them into blood-thirsty zombies. The few survivors lucky enough to have owned a sustainable resistance within their bodies struggle to survive on the remains and ruins of a once-great planet. The survival of your character is placed in your hands for you to determine his or her fate.

The Last Day on Earth Mod Menu is a modified game that allows players to enhance their character’s abilities in the game, enabling them to stand a better advantage at survival in such a dead-end world. While playing the game can be lots of fun, it might get to a point whereby you run out of resources, and your life hangs in the balance.

Such times call for emergency assistance, and this mod could be the answer to all your survival problems. It transforms your character into an ultimate invincible survivor with countless abilities, such as God Mode and One Hit One kill, that keep you alive throughout your storyline.

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Version Info

NameLast Day on Earth Mod Menu
Size45 MB
Last updated onJanuary 07, 2024

Download the Last day on Earth Mod Menu APK for Android

When using mods, however, you need to be careful because some of these applications can get you banned from the game once you’re detected as they offer no security measures. However, the Last Day on Earth Mod Menu APK comes with in-built anti-ban features that allow you to enjoy the game at all costs without worrying about having your account terminated. All its awesome features have been unlocked, and all you have to do is flip a switch and turn them on.

Don’t expect to find such apps on the Play Store because being a mod; it is sadly detested by Google’s policy. Therefore, you can download the latest version using the safest link provided below and enjoy your intimate survival story on the go.

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One Hit One Kill


Kill any zombies and animals with just one hit. This feature is most appreciated when your character’s health level is low, and they’re surrounded by zombies. All you would need is to activate it via Mod Menu and finish them off with one hit each.

God Mode

Who can possibly challenge or kill a god? Only foolish zombie, in this case, would dare challenge your immortality when this mod is activated because with as many hits as you may receive, your health bar will never be drained.

Attack and shots speed

Increase the speed of your attacks and shots fired so that your enemies would never see it coming nor get the chance to react. Vanquish zombies in an instant and hunt down prey for food faster easily.

Fast loot

When you need to loot an area before your detected or zombies arrive, speed is of the essence, and this mode allows you to increase your looting speed to its maximum.

Weapons modify unlock


Your first default weapon in the game isn’t always the best choice because it lacks even the most decent modifications to call it a killing machine. With this Last Day on Earth Mod Menu app, you can unlock all modifications to your weapons and be the ultimate predator in the game.

Skins unlocked

Unlock various backpack or motorcycle skins without having to collect enough rewards to do so.

Unlimited food and water


The game strives to give players a real-life simulation experience of a post-apocalyptic world and one of the major problems of such a time is limited resources and especially food. However, with this Last day on Earth Mod app, you can get unlimited food and water and never have to worry about starving.

Detect enemy range

Easily detect your enemies from a mile away within the game and hold the advantage of surprise when eliminating them.

No minigun cooldown

Miniguns need to cool down after exhausting each round. However, this can leave you vulnerable to attack by your enemies. Therefore, this mod takes away cooldown time, allowing you to continue killing enemies and zombies all around you until you run out.

Animals don’t move

If your food status is very low and is about to starve, this option allows you to freeze all animals around you and kill them at ease giving you enough food to fend for yourself and your comrades.

Unlock items for craft


You can unlock all items for crafting and build yourself better protection from zombies than if you had to pick up points and move through different levels just to get access to a specific crafting item.

Unlock all events

With Last day on earth mod, you can unlock all in-game events and play in as many locations as you want without having to wait for days to do so.

Final Words

Are you certain that when you’re back is against the wall you would do whatever it takes to survive in a war-zoned planet affected by blood-thirsty zombies? Download the Last Day on Earth Mod Menu APK today and play the game using it to prove that nothing is impossible with the right tools and skills at your disposal.

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