Roblox Mod Menu APK 2.589.593 Download (Unlocked)

Roblox Mod Menu APK is a modified game and has a menu that consists of features such as Super Jump, Walkthrough walls, Multiple Jumps, Frozen Screen, Explosive Mode and More.

Imagine a definitive virtual universe that lets you play, build and be anything you can dream. Suppose you’re looking forward to a fantastic pretending experience, or even sit back, chill, and talk to your companion on the web. In that case, the Roblox universe can offer you the best of what you’re looking for. With full cross-stage support, you can play with your companions using different devices under one network.

The game allows you to appreciate the extraordinary experiences that it offers. However, many players desire something new, something out of the ordinary, something super fun, and the Roblox Mod Menu APK can provide just that.


What is Roblox Mod Menu APK?

Roblox mod menu APK is a free mod by The Master Kramers. Its main aim is to offer Roblox gamers an easy way to explore super-like abilities within the game. It also adds a touch of wild fun to their in-game experience. Wall through walls, x-ray vision, jump higher than buildings, fly through the sky; these are some of the few abilities that are possible with the Roblox Mod Menu APK. The special in-game features don’t need to be paid for using your Robux because they are offered free of charge.

Version Info

NameRoblox Mod Menu
Size95 MB
Last UpdatedJanuary 07, 2024

Download Roblox Mod Menu APK for Android

Using the link provided, you would need to download the Mod Menu APK and install it on your device. Using this mod, you will have access to many unlocked features that make you invincible to anything that tries to challenge you within the game. The APK is a third-party file, so don’t expect to find it on your app store. Explore this endless virtual world with incredible abilities that will leave you glued to your screen for hours.

Download the latest version of the Roblox Mod Menu app below.

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This mod menu comes with various features that give your character unique superpowers that can be switched on and off. These abilities make your characters invincible compared to the rest of the players and boost you ahead of them in the game.


Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have x-ray vision? Well, using this Roblox Mod Menu application, you get the chance to find out and experience the beauty of being able to see through everything. Turn on this option in the menu, and everything can be seen through in different shades of black and white. Even the ground will seem invisible to you but be careful not to take it too far because you might fall off the edge without knowing.

Super Jump

People dream about jumping so high and sometimes high enough to land on top of buildings. I know I have such dreams after watching the Hulk jump from building to building. With this mod menu, you can turn on the super jump feature and soar through heights never seen before. Even with the cops on your trail, it’ll be much easier to lose them by jumping buildings and structures that their little police vehicles can’t possibly do. They say a flea has the highest jump. Well, this feature puts that theory to the test.

Night mode

If you’re a “nightcrawler” or play better at night, you can opt to turn day into night with this fantastic feature. Once turned on, the sky goes dark. Your surrounding imitates night time allowing you to run around like a soulless creature in the night or rather the grim ripper who hunts in the shadows. Switch it off to turn the night back into a day like a powerful being with control over time.

Walking through walls


With this feature, you can be unstoppable even with high walls in front of you. Nothing can stand in your way as long as this feature is on. Walk out of jail by slipping right through the bars like a ghost and walk straight into closed doors with ease. However, sometimes this feature goes overboard because anytime you try jumping while it’s still on, you might find yourself sinking through the ground. You would then start floating into a bottomless abyss until you’re respawned. It can even be a fun feature to play with.


Superman can’t come close to touching you using this feature that lets you soar through the air like a hawk. All you have to do is hold onto the jump button, and you’ll be flying in any direction you want. Get on top of high buildings faster than all your friends and taste the feeling of being the highest in the room.

Multiple jumps


Using this feature, you can jump to any height and start walking in the air. However high you may jump, that’s the level in the air that you’ll be stuck on. If you’re interested in coming back down, turn off the feature, and you’ll automatically fall to the ground. Alternatively, you can hold still as you slowly drop to the ground.

Frozen screen

If you’d like to watch your character move using one angle without the screen having to move with them, then this feature can allow that. You can freeze the screen into position, and the camera will stop moving. This way, you get to watch everything from one point. Some of the other characters in the game may end up freezing as well.

Explosion mode

Your character will be tossed around like a bean bag as though there was an explosion with this feature.

Out of prison

This feature makes the character raise their hands as though they’re being arrested, and you can glide through the street. It’s an entertaining ability to try on.

Map chams/colored map

With this feature, everything turns bright as though the in-game surrounding just turned on the brightness to its maximum level.

Final Words

The mod menu APK is safe to use, reducing any possibility of bans and, therefore, keeps your account secure at all times. Experience a vast array of impressive features with the Roblox Mod Menu APK for any game you’re playing in Roblox.

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  1. Update It To The Latest Version, 2.525.378 Please.

    I Really Like This Mod, First All Of The Cheats Inside This Mod Is Perfect, Well Meanwhile On Some Games The “Character Doesn’t Destroy” Doesn’t Work.
    Second, I Dont Know Why And How But This Mod Like Making Me Can Reach The Game I Can’t Play. Example : Without This Mod, I Can’t Play Tower Defense Simulator. And With This Mod I Can.

    Thank You, Game Modder That Makes This Masterpiece


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