Maki Plus APK Download Latest Version (2023)

Maki Plus Multi-Accounts manager app which is mainly used for Facebook and Messenger in a Single App. Now, Available for free.

We don’t all have similar devices capable of holding large amounts of storage space. While some phones are capable of replacing laptops by carrying massive amounts of space, others need to be regulated to avoid them filling up unnecessarily. The most important thing about these devices is that we can use them to communicate with the people around us easily. Getting in touch with our friends, families, or co-workers, for whatever reasons they may be, business or even courtship is the number one priority to owning a phone. And what better way to stay in touch that through social media.

Social media has transformed the world into a small village establishing networks across different countries, races and regions. However, to get access to these social media platforms, you will need to download their designated apps on your mobile phone. Now because we all have different storage spaces on our devices, that doesn’t mean the sizes of these apps will vary depending on whether it’s a low or high-end Smartphone.  As such, one would be forced to download the various types of social media applications based on the platforms unto which they are registered on.

So what are the consequences?

If a person is registered on multiple platforms that would mean that they need to download multiple applications which take up a lot of space on their phones. You should also be aware that the more you use these apps, the more they build upon space and by the end of the month you may have an app that’s three times the download size. Many platforms have tried to solve this issue by providing extra features, Facebook, for example, trying to put all their services under one roof, or a single app.

However, the more they focus on this strategy, they tend to forget about the quality, stability and privacy of your activities –on their sites. These sites end up tracking your activities online and collecting your personal data while their services fall in quality. However, Sunshine Apps is a company that designed the perfect solution to this problem by bringing in a quicker and comfortable way of accessing all your social media platforms under one roof with the Maki Plus APK.


What is Maki Plus APK?

Imagine a single app in which you can access or rather switch through different social media apps without having to download them individually on your device. Well, the Maki Plus APK brings such imagination to life. It gives users the opportunity to access both the Facebook app and its Messenger counterpart. What’s more is that Maki keeps all your online activities private and doesn’t track your recent or previous locations on the web.

With other social media platforms, you can never be too sure because they may actually be tracking your online activity while collecting your personal data. This happens once you give them access to your location and grant them other unnecessary permissions required to run the apps. However, when it comes to Maki, it serves as a VPN in which you can access all the media applications under one single roof and still keep yourself and your activity data private. Kill two birds using one stone with the Maki Plus APK by saving on storage space on your device, and keep your privacy in check online.

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Version Info

NameMaki Plus
Size7 MB
Last updatedDecember 30, 2021

Download Maki Plus APK Latest Version for Android

Maki Plus is available on the default Android app store. It is where you would find the official versions of the app uploaded and free for download. However, one needs to note that there is a difference between the original version and the Mod APK which is an unlocked paid version that comes for free. To get the services offered by the Mod version from the official app, you would need to pay an extra access fee.

The Mod is a modified version that grants you all the extra and secure features that the official one doesn’t. As such, it would be best to download the app from a third-party website to get access to these unlocked features. The Maki Plus APK comes with amazing features that were designed to give you quality with usage comfortability.

Download the official app of Maki Plus APK below.


No Ads

There are no advertisements from both Maki Plus and Facebook making your social experience online an enjoyable and uninterrupted one. Also, this prevents other sites from collecting your information through such rogue ads once you click on them by mistake. What happens on the app stays between you and Facebook.

Access Facebook and Messenger

Downloading the messenger app would require you to do so separately from the Facebook app and thus use up more space on your phone. With the Maki Plus APK you get access to both Facebook original and the Messenger version under one roof allowing you to use both apps simultaneously.

Auto Night Theme

Using too much brightness on your screen at night can slowly affect your eyesight in a negative way without you realizing it. However, with the Maki Plus APK you can save and protect your eyes at night using the night theme. You can enable a dark mode that will automatically adjust the brightness and theme of the app allowing you t browse easily and efficiently during the night without affecting your eyesight. You can also set a timer for the night theme that allows it to turn on and off during specific times of the day.

Other Social Platforms

Now originally, Maki Plus was mainly built for Facebook and its Messenger app. However, there are other many social platforms included in the list that you can access from the Maki Plus APK. All you have to do is switch between apps and you still won’t be logged out of your account. The other platforms include the following:

  1. Twitter
  2. Instagram
  3. Telegram
  4. Reddit
  5. Tumblr
  6. VK
  7. Pinterest
  8. Linkedin

You have full access to all these social sites without having to individually download each app on its own. How awesome is that?

Privacy and Security

Maki ensures that no app found on the platform can track you and collect any of your personal information. Also, you can set up security measures against intruders on your phone by using a passcode lock or your fingerprint, in case your phone supports it. You can even select an image as a passcode background.

Manage social networks

You can decide to hide or show your favorite social network in a selector.


You can change the theme to the app, the font size of the words and even change the navigation color. You can even choose the app that Maki Plus will start with and it doesn’t have to be Facebook.


With the Maki Plus APK, you can never have to worry about getting banned on any social media. This is because it has an anti-ban feature that allows you to use the platform you’re in even after you may have been locked out or banned for a while.

Audio and video calls

The Maki Plus APK supports all video and audio calls make in any social platform allowing you to easily communicate with your friends and enjoy seeing their happy faces.

How to Install Maki Plus APK on Android

Step 1. Download Maki Plus APK Latest Version from our official page. No need to pay. It’s free.

Step 2. Locate the APK file by going through the downloads folder in your device storage.

Step 3. Now, Tap on it.


It may ask you to enable security setting, then allow unknown sources option.

Step 4. Once you are done with that, install Maki Plus APK on your android device.

Step 5. Open it and tap on the Dive in button.


Step 6. Now, login with your account details.

Final words

With the Maki Plus APK, you can make all your socializing goals under one roof using every platform available. Download the app today and give it a shot.

The best manager app for Facebook. You can also install from the Playstore by paying 1.49$ to the developer.

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