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MediaBox HD APK is a high-quality entertainment application for Android, iOS, Firestick, Android Box, MI Box, NVIDIA Shield and more. Watch Movies, TV Series and TV Shows on your favourite device for Free.

Do you ever get tired of the monotonous routine where you’d download a streaming application that claims to deliver its promises only to find out that the only difference between it and a politician is that it makes due on some of its claims, the rest is just typical propaganda? Most of these streaming applications tend to exaggerate at times, and as much as they do bring excitement to your Android device, they don’t come with the full entertainment package.

When you download a video streaming application, you might get an exquisite interface design, multiple unique features, and an extensive collection of films and TV Shows, but eventually, you would get bored of watching the same type of content every day. Your mind might start craving other forms of streaming content such as cartoons, anime, and even music, and as a result, you’d end up downloading many different apps to try and cater to these needs.

This would ultimately leave you with multiple unnecessary apps on your phone, and the only person who’d suffer is the space on the device. Not to mention the possibility of downloading rogue apps that come pre-installed with viruses and malware capable of infiltrating your system and harming the device. This would force you to look back at the choices once your phone starts acting up and ask yourself, “Was it worth it?”

However, before you go down that road looking for the best solution, you should be aware that certain apps hold all the streaming answers to your problems. With only a small amount of space on your mobile device, you can get access to all the blockbuster movies, popular TV shows, trending music, famous cartoons, and entertaining anime in the industry. An excellent example of such an app is the MediaBox HD APK, which is ready when you are.

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What is MediaBox HD APK?

The MediaBox HD APK is a prevalent streaming application for watching the best movies and TV shows online. It, however, isn’t a new software because it has been around for ages campaigning against the struggles of online entertainment by providing some of the best streaming services and winning over millions of users in the process.

You can get so much out of the official app that your TV is incapable of providing in terms of fantastic entertainment like movies and TV Shows.

Millions of individuals are cutting ties with their cable services and moving towards smartphone entertainment with an app such as MediaBox HD leading this great migration.

The features that apps like MediaBox HD provide are out of this world, and one would be blind not to notice the remarkable opportunities and experiences that come with using your Android device for streaming excellent video content.

With MediaBox HD, you get a basic and easy-to-use interface that allows you to stream quality movies and TV Shows on your Android device. Furthermore, you get unlimited access to the most popular cartoons and manga content around the industry free of charge.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy watching your favourite content in HD quality at any time and wherever you may be. While you cannot take back the time with a cable subscription, MediaBox HD allows you to catch up on where you left off and watch all the videos you missed online.

When compared to other streaming alternatives, MediaBox HD has proven to be an exemplary streaming application with loads of content and features. Since its invention to date, the app has qualified as a heavyweight entertainer with out-of-this-world functions and options.

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Version Info

NameMediaBox HD
Size85 MB
Last updatedJanuary 04, 2024

Download MediaBox HD APK Ad-free Latest Version for Android

The MediaBox HD APK is available for download for all Android devices with an operating system of 5.0 and above. With a required space of only 87.5 MBs on your Android device, you can install the official MediaBox HD APK from our website.

The app is, however, not available on the default Android app store, and this would, therefore, require you to enable the options of “installation from unknown sources” in your settings. Other than Android devices, MediaBox HD is also an iOS app and can thus, function just as good in your iPhone.

If you wish to break the limits or boundaries of screen size and move to large screens, you’re in luck. MediaBox extended its streaming to all Fire-stick and Fire TV 4K devices.

This allows you to install the APK onto such boxes including NVIDIA Shield and MI Box and enjoy streaming in Full HD quality on large-inch TV screens. The APK is also compatible with your Smart Android TVs, where you can directly download the app and start streaming without a decoder.

Enjoy exciting TV Series and popular movies from around the world. If you’re a fan of Netflix and chill, you can even find Netflix content on the app’s massive collection of everything entertaining.

Download your favourite movies, series, cartoons, anime, and even music using the MediaBox HD APK on your Android device.

Download the official version of MediaBox HD APK below:

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What is MediaBox HD VIP Membership?

As much as MediaBox HD may be free for everyone, the developers need the funds to be able to pay for servers and other costs. For this reason, one can opt to pay for a VIP membership, which is offered when one donates to the cause.

With the VIP membership, you get to help the MediaBox community raise funds to keep the servers going together with other membership priorities that include:

  • No ads
  • High priority to support the movie request
  • Early access to new features
  • VIP stream which is a fast and dedicated streaming server
  • Synch up to 5 devices

What are Features?

The best features you can read from below.

Discover a new world of Entertainment

MediaBox HD APK brings you a massive collection of movies, TV Shows, cartoons, anime, and music, all organized in unique genres at your disposal. Explore the most-watched films and series on the app as well as the most recently added content. There are also cartoons and anime with the latest episodes that are sure to keep you and the kids entertained throughout.

Movies that come in multiple parts or have a series of productions are organized into a collection allows you to find every release of that movie from the oldest to the latest one. For example, the series of Lord of the Rings movies are organized into a collection file where you can find every movie from that line of production without having to search for them individually. Talk about order in numbers.

With the app, you are sure to discover something new every day and in the easiest and most organized way possible.

Blue-ray 3D

That’s right, why would you want to waste your cash going to the cinemas to watch a movie in 3D when you can do it at home using the MediaBox on your Android device. All you need are is a VR set, and you can watch some of the latest and most popular movies in 3D using your smartphone.

Watch top-rated movies such as Aqua man using your VR headset in 3D and see the waves splash across the face as you dive into a different and more life-like reality. If you’d like a get a real horrific or thrilling experience, why not opt for a terrifying film and see yourself running away from the shadows that lurk in the dark as though you were inside the movie.

Just pick a movie for me

If you have no idea what you want to watch, why not try this impressive recommendation feature that selects a random film for you that you are guaranteed to fall in love with. This feature recommends a singe movie of which you can refresh the search and get a different one. When you see something interesting, you can always explore more details about it and view other films related to it for a broader range of options.

Netflix content

You can also get much content from Netflix, such as the best TV series or horror films. You don’t need a Netflix subscription to get access to its amazing content because you can access everything you want to watch for free using the MediaBox HD APK. Now you know why this app is the father of all entertainment content. It not only gives you access to the free stuff but also grants you the opportunity to enjoy various content that you would otherwise have to pay for like Netflix.

TV Shows Calendar

If you’re strictly following a specific TV show and wouldn’t want to miss out on the latest and upcoming episode, then there’s a calendar for this. This calendar shows you the shows that are to be aired on the date of your choosing and the exact time in which it would go live. Never miss out on your favorite TV Show when you have the MediaBox app on your Android device.

Popular content ratings

If you’re wondering which movies or series made it to the top ranks in a specific year, then you don’t have to start browsing such information. MediaBox HD allows you to explore the top 250 rated movies by IMDB as well as the top-ranked films by Rotten Tomatoes. Get access to some of the top-ranked films of all time and enjoy the experience while you discover the reason why they’re rated highly.

External media player support

MediaBox HD supports the use of external video players such as VLC and MX Player. If you happen to love watching movies on external video players, then you can do just that with the content from this app.

Subtitle support

The app supports subtitles from a variety of sources like Opensubtitles, popcorn-time, Mediaboxhd, and even Subscene. Enjoy your films with subtitles that come in as many as 29 different languages for you to understand the whole set-piece in your most favourable tongue.

Offline viewing

You can download any movie, episode, or whole TV Shows and watch them offline. Your downloads will even keep downloading in the backgrounds as you watch something else delightful, and you will be notified upon its completion. This allows you to keep yourself busy with exciting films whenever you have no access to a stable internet connection.

Music charts  

Get access to some of the top songs and music videos from all around the globe. There are top and trending tracks as well as music videos from all over YouTube, Spotify, Bigtop, Mcountdown, Officialcharts, and Apple music.  Entertain your earbuds with some of the most exotic sounds, voices, and lyrics online.

Direct streaming

Use direct streaming to access all the content on the app instead of torrent streaming, which has proven to be inefficient. For each film or show, there are multiple streaming links with the best viewing qualities available.

How to Install Official MediaBox HD APK on Android?

Step 1. Make sure you download official MediaBox HD APK from our page. This procedure might not apply if you download mod apk.

Step 2. Now, go to the location where it has been stored.

Step 3. From there, tap on the MediaBox HD APK file.

Step 4. It will ask you to enable unknown sources option to proceed or allow this source option.

Step 5. Once you enable the security settings, got to the same location and tap on the APK file one last time.


Step 6. Install MediaBox HD Official APK on your Android device.

Step 7. Open it and allow storage permissions.

Step 8. Tap on the thumbnail of Movie or Series or any show that you want to watch.


Now, It will fetch you some available streaming links in different resolutions. Choose any of them and then watch with subtitles.

For VIP members, it would provide a special streaming link with full HD (1080p) resolution. Just donate and grab the VIP features.

How to Install MediaBox HD APK on FireStick and FireTV 4K?

MediaBox HD APK is fully compatible with devices like amazon firestick and fire tv 4k devices. Even, it supports iOS devices that is one of the benefits for this app. So, watch content on any devices since it covers major platforms.

Here follow, the installation procedure of firestick devices.

Step 1. Open settings of the FireStick or FireTv 4K which is at the top right of the home screen.


Step 2. Navigate to the My Fire Tv or My device option.


Step 3. Select the Developer Options to enable the security option to install APKs.


Step 4. Click on the Apps from unknown sources.


Step 5. Turn on it.


Step 6. Return to the Home screen and this time find the search option. And Click on it.


Step 7. Type Downloader using the onscreen keyboard.


Step 8. Install Downloader app in your firestick device.


Step 9. Once it gets installed, open it.


Step 10. Allow storage permission.


Step 11. Go to the settings of the app and enable the javascript option.


Step 12. Go to the browser option.


Step 13. Type this URL path: to download MediaBox HD APK on FireStick device. And click the Go button.


Step 14. It will start downloading from our official servers. Please wait for a while.


Step 15. Now, Install on your FireStick or FireTv 4k device.


Step 16. Click on Done button to delete the downloaded APK file.


Step 17. Go back to the home screen.

Step 18. Click on the Apps and channels section.

Step 19. Scroll to the bottom of the apps list and find the MediaBox HD app icon.


Step 20. Move it to the top and open from there.

Final words

Personally, I would advise you against wasting any more time looking for another streaming option because chances of finding something better than the MediaBox HD APK are close to none. Take the app for a test run and discover much more than what you’d expect of a typical streaming application.

And check our list of streaming apps which are currently working for android device. Select a suitable app for your needs.

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