Resso Premium APK 1.75.4 Download Latest (2023)

Music streaming applications are just that! Softwares are designed to provide you with some of the best tunes from around the world. However, what if there was an app that does more than just streaming local and international music? It could provide you with books to read, Tv & Film, religion and spirituality, podcasts, radio, and much more content than you can imagine? Sounds interesting, right? Well. With the Resso Premium APK, you can find just that.


What is Resso Premium APK?

The Resso Premium APK is simply a modified version of the Resso app but with all unlocked premium features free for access. Instead of paying for premium content that the basic version demands access to, get yourself the Resso Premium APK today and experience music streaming like never before. Catch the most popular radio stations in your area, the best tunes, intriguing books, inspiring podcasts, and much more.

I would give 10 out of 10 for the music recommendations based on exact taste because it uses the TikTok algorithm to suggest the best possible music to the listener. So, Resso Premium is superior to any other music streaming apps available out there including Vanced YT Music.

Version info

NameResso Premium
DeveloperMoon Video Inc.
Size50 MB
Last updated onMay 22, 2022

Download Resso Premium APK Latest Version for Android

Being a modified app with all the paid premium benefits unlocked, you can’t download it from Google Play Store. Instead, you can use the link provided below to access your favourite podcasts, and dedicated radio stations, and even create quotes from lyrics and share them with friends from all over.

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Unlocked Features

  • Login via Facebook Account and Phone number. Please uninstall the Facebook app before login in with Facebook.
  • Unlocked All Types Premium features.
  • We have unlocked the offline Streaming mode.
  • You can listen to music that is in your internal storage.
  • Removed watermark: when sharing lyric
  • Force Removed App protection.


Supports Multiple Languages

Don’t be tricked into believing that the Resso application is designed specifically for a certain region. You can always set your preferred language and change the region to access content that’s relevant to your taste. The app supports English, Punjabi, Hindu, Tamil, and Telugu among other languages to choose from.

Discover New Content

With regular updates and up to date music content to look forward to, chances of you falling in love with something entirely new are inevitable. Enjoy the best and latest content of your favourite artists, newly released music, and a wide variety of genres from around the world. You can explore all corners of the app and find entertaining content that’s out of your preferences. Get playlists and radio recommendations just for you based on your frequent listening patterns and discover new and amazing content.


Resso Premium APK brings you a broad selection of radio channels

Don’t know what to listen to today? Don’t sweat it. The Resso Premium APK brings you a broad selection of radio channels each focusing on different genres to bring you the best of the best. If you’re in the mood for rock or pop, there are stations from various regions with content that is sure to impress you.

Awesome Playlists

Playlists just for you! The Resso Premium app designs unique playlists for each user based on their preferences. If you’re not sure on which song to start the day off with, browse through the recommended playlists and find the one that best suits your pending activity.

Artist Radios

You can also find radios dedicated to various artists you may know. Discover radios specifically for your favorite artists and enjoy most of their hits all day long. You might even come across some tracks you never heard of but wished you did.

Genre Varieties

Is Pop your kind of music? If yes, then the Resso Premium APK has got you covered with many different varieties of pop culture from around the world. From contemporary pop to classic playlists all arranged for you. If you fancy something else, you need not worry because the app brings with it a broad range of genres to choose from. From rap, Hip-hop, rock, dance, Bollywood specials, and much more than you can imagine. Pick your favorite genre and explore the vast content available for every user.

Lyric video


Thinking of holding a karaoke contest with your friends? You can access lyric videos to various songs and find out who’s the best. Even if you’re simply trying to understand the artist’s message, you can access these lyric videos and songs along with your favorite parts.

Film Music Mix

I’m sure you can relate to hearing a specific type of song in a film and wondered how on earth you never came across such glorious melodies. Well, fortunately for you, the Resso Premium APK brings various film music mixes so you can discover amazing content from your best movies.

Music Interviews

I’m sure there are certain artists you’re addicted to that not only do you listen to their content but also follow up on their lifestyles online. Therefore, the Resso Premium APK is just the app you need as it brings you music Interviews from your favorite artists. Find out what these musicians were actually trying to say in their songs or where they got their inspiration from.


Didn’t you believe me when I said that the Resso Premium APK is more than just your regular music streaming application? You can also access famous books rich in inspiring content for free. While you relax your mind through the various music varieties, you can train your brain by opening a few pages of these books.

TV & Film

Too good to be true? Try it out and see for yourself. With this app, you can access various movies and TV series and actually watch in parts or download the episodes of your choice. Find awesome content like Fast and Furious movies, Spiderman, and even children’s TV like SpongeBob.

Language Learning

Thinking of learning a new language to improve your skillset or just as a hobby? Do so with the Resso Premium application. You can learn how to speak better English or new languages such as Hindu. Maximize your communication skills today with the app.

Mental Health

Improve your mental health through various sounds and melodies designed to put your mind at ease. Listen to meditating music and tones such as the sound of rain to help you sleep or relax whenever you’re having a rough or stressful day.

Religion and Spirituality


Learn about various religions such as Hinduism and what it has to offer the world. There are many different ways you can benefit from learning a different culture or religion and it all starts with the Resso Premium APK.


Have an open mind by listening to the many opinions and stories of various people from the many podcasts available on the app. It’s an entertaining experience and a mind-opening opportunity to learn new things from all over the world.

Final Words

There’s so much you can get under one roof and not just music. Download the app today and experience greatness in single music software.

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