Pandora Premium APK 2107.1 Download Latest (2023)

Just because Spotify or YouTube Music are recognized as some of the leading streaming platforms online, doesn’t mean you have to entirely rely on them for an amazing music experience. While these apps may offer amazing content, there are many absent features that other premium apps, such as Pandora, have incorporated. Offline stations, podcasts, and multiple listening modes are some of the few fantastic features that you can find in other applications including the Pandora Premium APK. In this guide, we’ll go over the app and help you discover what you can expect from it from a musical perspective.


What is Pandora Premium APK?

The Pandora Premium APK, also known as Pandora Premium Plus is a mod of the original Pandora app, a music streaming application, but with all the premium features of Pandora PLUS and Premium unlocked for free. Such VIP features include listening to ad-less music, high audio quality, offline stations, and customizable playlists. If you’re interested in listening to any kind of music based on the genre or depending on your mood, then this is the right application for you.

Version Info

NamePandora Premium
Size62 MB
Last updatedDecember 27, 2021

Download Pandora Premium APK for Android

Like any other famous streaming application, Pandora has proven itself worthy of a high seat among the greats. It offers competitive features that other platforms tend to ignore making it a favorite among many music lovers worldwide. You can download the APK and access all the premium features of the Pandora premium subscription from the link provided below.


Voice Function

“Hey, Google.” This is one of the most common phrases you’d hear from an Android user trying to access their Google assistant. Well, Pandora has a similar voice function for users to access various stations or podcasts. Simply tap the mic icon at the top left side of the screen from the search menu and say “Hey Pandora” and give it your request. It would immediately provide you with the podcasts related to your search.  The voice function is an amazing feature that makes Pandora one of the crowd’s favorite music platforms for android users.



What’s your favorite discussion topic? Which type of books do you like reading? If you’re looking for topics that directly speak to you, Pandora Premium APK offers a variety of different podcasts from various categories. You can find literally any topic being discussed in these podcasts and you just have to find one that suits your taste. From fictional movies, crime documentaries, standup comedy, interesting life experiences to talk shows, investigative journalism, political and social conventions. Expand your knowledge and switch it up from watching television to listening to informative voices trying to make your life better with their content.



This Pandora mod has amazing personalization features that collect everything you like listening to and categorizes it into a collection for you. You can access the “My collection” folder and get all the stations that you previously played. It also personalizes what plays next in case you aren’t close enough to your phone to choose the next song after the last one ends.

No Ads


If you don’t subscribe to premium packages for any of your music streaming applications, you’re probably aware of the many advertisements that pop up before, during, or even after your music ends. Spotify is known to have some of the most interruptive ads that pop up while you’re listening to your favorite content just because you haven’t paid for the premium subscription. While the basic version of Pandora contains ads, Pandora Premium APK allows you to listen to ad-free music for free. Once you download the APK, all premium features are unlocked for your access.

Unlimited skips & replays


You might not be entertained by every type of music or radio station recommended to you. This is why there’s always a skip option for users. While the free version of Pandora doesn’t allow skip and replay, the premium APK lets you directly skip an entire radio channel or music playlist. Since the app also functions on user feedback, it will stop recommending similar or related channels and playlists every time you skip one.

Pandora Modes

For an excellent and unique station experience, the app offers six different modes including My Station, Crowd Faves, Deep Cuts, Discovery, Newly Released & Artists Only. Switch up the type of music you’re listening to with these modes today.

Unlimited Downloads


If you’re always on the move, probably going to school or travelling for work, your internet connection might not always be stable enough to provide you with interrupted smooth streaming. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to download whatever you like listening to and plug in your headphones every time you’re going places. The Pandora Premium APK allows you to download your favorite songs and albums for free. Just search for your desired track, choose the music and while it’s playing tap on the menu option and click download. You can always change the download quality from your profile settings.

Easy to use interface

Nothing is complicated about this application. You can find literally any song you want from the search menu or browse through the neatly organized categories. Anyone can open the app and take a few minutes to get used to the interface. Its navigation is also convenient for users and the voice function makes the entire experience straightforward for everyone.

Browse by Category

The mod also offers over 20+ different genres to choose from such as pop, R&B, rock, K-pop, reggae, indie, and even jazz. There’s something for everyone to enjoy. You can choose the type of music you’d like to listen to based on your mood. For a workout routine, there are specially curated playlists to keep you motivated. if you’re gaming you can listen to different stations and playlists designed to keep you focused and pumped on your game. There’s something for every mood, whether it’s family time, a dinner party, driving, studying, or you’re just feeling emotional and in love.

Final Words

If you’re looking to elevate your listening experience today, the Pandora Premium APK is the right app for you. This mod can provide you with so much more that you didn’t think was necessary for a streaming application. From free and high-quality music audio to top-class streaming features, how can you not enjoy listening to your favorite music through this app? Entertain yourself and impress your friends with the amazing content that the app has to offer.

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