Yandex Music Plus APK 2023.06.3 Download Latest (Unlocked)

Yandex Music Plus APK is a subscribed mod application for android. The team APKFolks unlocked all premium features such as No Ads, Offline Mode, High-Quality Audio, and more.

Imagine an app that could do much more than the regular music downloader and player. Picture a software capable of identifying any music in the background, downloading any track and a full album, offers radio, and allows you to listen to your music in HQ sound. To me, this sounds like sound heaven, the real music package that gives users full control of what they listen to and the Yandex Music Plus APK is a good example of such an app.


What is Yandex Music Plus APK?

Yandex Music Plus APK is technically a music app produced by a Russian publisher for users addicted to their local music. The app incorporates an interface designed to help the locals navigate and understand the society of music using Russian pictures and language. It can, however, be made to adapt to the English language and provide international content as well.

Luckily we have unlocked all the premium features including an offline mode which will help you to download music and play it whenever you want even if there is no internet. High-quality music is another exceptional thing in our mod. Scroll down and get the app.

Version Info

NameYandex Music Plus
Last updatedJanuary 05, 2024
Size27 MB

Download Yandex Plus APK Latest Version for Android

The free version of Yandex music app has ads and lacks special premium features that users would be required to pay in order for them to be unlocked. However, one can get the Yandex Music Plus APK, which is a modified version that grants you access to all the unlocked features as long as you use a VPN. The app is available in English and Russian languages and you can get the official and latest mod version below.

The app is not yet available in your country? Do you want to use it? Check our detailed guide from here.

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Song Recognition


It can be frustrating to hear a catchy song, one that vibes with your soul, but forces you to open your Shazam app just to recognize it, thereafter, YouTube just to listen to the full version, and then the downloader. If you found such activities of switching between apps exhausting as I do, then you’d know the need and appreciation for a single app that can do all of them.

With Yandex Music Plus APK you only have to click on the identify icon and let the music play. The song would be recognized and saved in a special playlist for you to listen to later on and even download the full track.

Podcasts and radio stations


As much as the music lifts our moods and keeps us sane, sometimes we just need a break to listen to someone talk or discuss various life topics with others before the music continues. Luckily, Yandex Music Plus is equipped with such capabilities because it comes with hundreds of radio stations as well as podcasts allowing you to zone out into a deep conversation with the voice at the other end that’s spitting logic and sense.

Also, these stations allow you to discover new and entertaining music being played from different regions that you weren’t keen on. Select a mood, genre, era or activity and enjoy listening to the soothing sounds of your newly created radio.

Personalized playlists


Yandex Music Pro has an impressive AI system that collects data on your taste of music through all your streams, downloads, and recognition results and comes up with some of the best-personalized playlists just for you. Sit back, relax and take advantage of the free and enlightening music created just for you. The playlists are also automatically updated and improved according to your tastes and preferences.

Smart selections


Every day comes with its own moods that require a specifically designed genre of music to make things better. Yandex Music Plus recognizes this and; thus, comes up with an updated section of perfectly curated music selections sorted by the type of moods, activity, celebrations, holidays and even various days of the week.

If you’re happy and you know it, then shuffle the happy playlist and keep your mood going. If you’re feeling active and in the mood for a run, there’s a playlist readily edited with the best workout songs online making each one of your activities and emotions accommodated with the right songs.

HQ Sound


It doesn’t matter how hot a track is, as long as the music quality you’re listening to it with is low, you might not get that tingling sensation that you desire. Sound quality plays an important role in determining your taste or opinion of a song. Yandex Music Plus has an HQ option mode for the sound allowing you to listen to quality songs and in quality sound with a much higher bitrate.

Regularly updated music


There are always new releases in the market almost every day and I would always like to be on-topic with the updates from my favourite artists. If you’re like me, then I’d advise you to download Yandex Music Plus APK and get access to everything that’s new and hot.

Never miss a beat and find the latest content or files from your most adored artist on the app. The regular updates ensure users discover new genres and exiting singles that everyone else is so hooked onto online. There is even a chart that auto-updates a list of songs that are currently most popular.

Extensive music library


Get all the hits, all the time, from international to regional standards and enjoy the tastes of different genres and beats from all over the world. With over 100 million tracks from jazz, R&B, electronic, classical, Hip Hop, Dance, Trap, Pop, and so much more.

Browse through a variety of music collections from the ’80s, and 90’s classics or look for the most suitable tracks and mixes for your road trip, workout and just chilling vibe. There are just too many tracks to exhaust allowing you to get the ultimate music experience with the Yandex Music Plus APK.

No ads


Unlike the original and free version that needed a paid subscription to remove the ads, Yandex Music Plus APK has removed all ads for free providing you with the ultimate listening experience as you browse through the easy-to-use application.

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How to Install Yandex Music Plus APK on Android?

Step 1. Once you download Yandex Music Plus APK from our secure servers, go to the downloaded location.

Step 2. To find the location, Open any file manager app.

Step 3. Now, search for the apk file with its name.

Step 4. Once you find it, tap on it.

Step 5. Now, most of the device asks you to enable unknown sources. Enable this option.

Step 6. Again return to the folder where Yandex Music Plus APK is available. Tap on it and install on your android.


Step 7. Open and sign in or sign with the mentioned details.

How to use Yandex Music in unsupported countries?

There are a few countries that are supported by this Music app and yet to release to rest of the world. Here are the countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Step 1. Download any VPN app from the playstore or you can check our Premium VPNs like AdGuard VPN and ExpressVPN.

Step 2. Now, choose the VPN server from the above countries. You can pick any country from the supported list.


Step 3. Open the app and signup or sign in. We recommend email for non supported countries.

Step 4. Play the music that you want. Even, our mod supports offline mode.

Final Words

Yandex Music Plus APK is a 100% working music application with premium unlocked features that are guaranteed to give you an amazing sound experience. Download music, play different sounds, rewind the tracks and share it with your friends to explore a tropical sound paradise.

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