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VideoBuddy APK is a video downloader for android devices which can able to download high-quality videos from popular social sites like YouTube and provides some premium content from ALTBalaji, Netflix, Zee5, ULLU, Amazon Prime and Hotstar.

Gone is the era in which we were required to purchase a subscription to download videos online. The modern society has proven that with the help of digital or technological advancements, we no longer have to go through a lengthy procedure just to be able to download a video we saw online.

There are many videos downloading apps that allow you to access any online video and download it straight to your Android devices, even if it isn’t downloadable on their original platforms. One of the most popular categories of this software is the YouTube video downloaders available everywhere online.

However, most of these video downloaders have grown to be monotonous because they only function to perform one specific task, and that involves downloading videos.

This makes them unnecessary software because they cannot do anything else apart from downloading videos and, thus, end up taking much space on your Android device. Other downloaders are only specific for particular medial platforms such as YouTube and, therefore, cannot function with other sites.

However, there are a few exciting applications that are designed to do much more than download your favorite videos online. These apps allow you to download music, stream videos, and discover other software all at once, and the VideoBuddy APK is a perfect example of such applications.


What is the VideoBuddy APK?

The VideoBuddy APK is a video downloader with over 50 million users worldwide. It was designed explicitly for downloading YouTube videos just like the VidMate video downloader app, but over the course of its development, it grew into much more than just an ordinary downloader.

Imagine an app that not only allows you to download media content on YouTube but also allows you to earn cash from it at no charges at all. Yes, this is free software from which you can make some money off various activities better defines on its platform after downloading and installing it on your Android device.

Just like in its name, the official VideoBuddy app could be your most suitable companion when it comes to owning a video downloader as it also brings you movies, series, music, games, and much more to entertain yourself with.

There is no need to struggle with boring video downloaders when you can have this one and do away with many other unnecessary apps on your smartphone. Access most of premium Hindi and International content from the convenience of your Android device using this application.

Version Info

Size12 MB
Last updatedDecember 28, 2021

Download VideoBuddy APK Latest Official Version for Android

The VideoBuddy APK is available for both PC and Android devices free of charge without any subscriptions needed. You can download the latest version of the official VideoBuddy APK from various third-party apps that are trusted and guaranteed by many users such as our site and enjoy all the services that the app has to offer.

Downloading the app is your first step to a world of unimaginable downloads with a wide variety of access to popular Hindi content, as well as some international ones. Whether you’re into music, movies, series, adult content, new and exciting games, music videos, and trending media, VideoBuddy is the hub from which you can get everything at any time.

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Read awesome features that come with the application.

Hollywood Movies in Hindi


If you find pleasure in watching Bollywood movies, then you’d want to try this one out. There is something special in watching a Hindi movie that I find intriguing, the language, the tone, the emotions in the actor’s voice, and much more seductive qualities to die for. With the VideoBuddy APK on your Android device, you can add to the diversity of Hollywood movies by watching them in Hindi.

The action, drama, and fantasy in all of the scenes remain the same throughout the movie, with the only distinguishing difference in the vocals or language of speech. Every audio sound from the film has been perfectly lip-synced to give you that natural Hindi vibe when enjoying your favorite blockbusters in your most desired Hindi language.

Recommendations for the trends


At times, when searching for a trending video, I tend to get frustrated because many media platforms only offer you the videos uploaded on their sites alone. Take YouTube; for example, you cannot find the video you want unless it is uploaded on their media platform, and the same thing applies to other social networks with trending media such as Instagram, Facebook, Likee, TikTok or even Twitter.

However, with the VideoBuddy app, I found it easier to access a variety of trending videos online on one platform. VideoBuddy offers you recommendations for the most trending media online from a variety of sources and not just YouTube alone, as many other applications tend to do. It is filled with a diverse collection of some of the most trending videos online that you are sure to enjoy at your very own convenience.

An extensive collection of Music


VideoBuddy brings you a variety of music in different languages for you to enjoy. Explore and be entertained by songs in the top charts recommended to you in the following categories:

  • Hindi Top 50
  • Punjabi Top 50
  • International Top 50
  • US Top 50
  • New releases

Browse through an extensive collection of songs from around the world and across Bollywood with some of your favorite artists’ creations available in store. You can even access the top albums in Bollywood with more than 50 recommended playlists at your disposal. There are even editor picks that were selectively chosen among a variety of genres to ensure you get the best out of the chosen few.

If you intend to search for your most adored artist, you can always scroll down to the trending singer category and discover more music out there that you had no idea existed. Enjoy your music in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, and many other famous languages in Bollywood. Music is food for the soul, and VideoBuddy feeds you all the delicacies you can think of.

Hot Games


VideoBuddy isn’t just your fantastic video destination, but it also serves as a great platform from which you can access and play beautiful games for fun. Explore both new and trending games such as Cricket T20, one of India’s most popular sports ever.

Also, some of these games allow you to win cash prizes and other rewards that can guarantee you an exciting payday. There are also other free games categorized according to adventure, action, strategy, card games, and many others.

All you have to do is download these games and start playing. With every recommended download, you are legible to receiving some rewards or cash, and this makes everything more interesting. There is a collection of games for you to explore, and you will never get tired because there’s something new every day.

Music Videos

If you like your music with a bit of scenery or visual emotions, then move over to the music video category and enjoy free and entertaining videos of some of the best releases available. The videos can be from new songs, popular music, or even your desired Hindi content after searching for the specific type.

Listen to your favorite song as you watch some of the most eye-catching Indian dance routines in the related videos and take lessons from most of the spectacular moves around. The music video category comes filled with Bollywood magic for your entertainment.

Download movies and videos


VideoBuddy APK is one of the most preferred YouTube downloaders, with more than 50 million users from all across India and the globe. Search and download any YouTube video that you like, even if it isn’t downloadable on the original YouTube platform. VideoBuddy gives you free and unlimited access to any video online.

You can also download any movie available on the app like the incredible Hollywood movies in Hindi or the original Bollywood films. All you have to do is copy the URL into the search bar, and you will notice an arrow enclosed in a circle next to the video.

This is the download indicator on which, after clicking on, it will give you the option of choosing your most preferred download quality and the size of each one. Once you click download, the app will automatically start downloading your file, and after it’s done, you will hear a sound-like ring.

Access your downloaded files from the download list and watch without having to download an external video player.

Hot Search and sites


If you’re a sucker for adult content, visit the hot search section and explore the many seductive contents available. There are hot comics for your pleasure that come in a variety of adult animated comics to keep you busy and excited on a low and dull day.

Even it supports premium content sites like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, ALT Balaji and ULLU. So, you can download premium web series and movies from them for free.

If you’re looking for something extra or spicy, you can chat with beautiful girls who would keep you company on a lonely day. Watch exotic videos of some of the most famous Indian girls around and explore the most erotic content around.

On the other hand, the hot site category allows you to browse through some of the most exotic sites for adult content, all for free with unlimited access and downloads for anything you so desire.



Explore some of the best-recommended apps around such as games, social apps, and VPNs, among others. In the app category, you can find many applications suitable for a wide variety of functions like entertainment, browsing, connecting, and so much more to discover away from the standard App Store.



From the beauty section, you can access all the content concerning general health, beauty, and lifestyle from around the internet. For example, you can get videos on the recommended foods for your body, maintaining proper hygiene, relationship videos, romantic content, and so much more to explore and learn from.

Earn money


VideoBuddy gives its users a chance to make some cash out of using the app. You can receive rewards of all sorts in a variety of ways, such as by simply downloading and installing the games or apps recommended to you on the platform.

Other activities can earn you a few rupees, such as by sharing the links of the app with your friends and offering invites. You can also play some of the games on the app and win big to earn legit rewards and other cash prizes. VideoBuddy isn’t just your ordinary video platform, but a much more exciting and money-making opportunity for every user.

Live stream


You can stream some of the most popular Hindi TV channels available on the app. Enjoy live entertainment with your favorite Tv shows using VideoBuddy and never miss the action, drama, romance, and excitement of every show. You don’t have to pay for any TV package as this one comes free of charge at the convenience of your Android device.

How to Install VideoBuddy APK on Android?

Step 1. Once you download VideoBuddy APK on your android device, go to the saved location.

Step 2. Tap on the APK file and allow unknown sources or allow from this source option.

Step 3. Now, Again go to the same location, then tap on the APK file.


Step 4. Install VideoBuddy APK on your device.

Step 5. Open it and allow some permissions like storage.


Step 6. Now, watch movies and shows for free of cost.

Final words

The VideoBuddy APK should be considered your most suitable video downloader and companion for Android devices. While most similar apps only allow you to download videos, VideoBuddy gives you much more in entertainment with an opportunity to cash in your experience for some real cash. Download the app today and forget all about your downloading problems.

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