Reface Pro APK 4.1.1 Download (Unlocked Mod)

Reface Mod APK is an unlocked version that comes with No Ads, No Watermark, No Expiration of Pro features, and more.

Face Swap! No, I’m not talking about cutting your friend’s face out of a selfie and replacing it with yours. I mean the new integrated and advanced technology that allows you to replace a celebrity’s face with yours in perfect sync within a video. That’s right, a video. It could be any blockbuster movie clip or trending video and any celebrity you desire from the social platform of your choice. The face swap technique had excited so many editors and users on its release that developers went ahead and upgraded it to come up with much more entertaining and inspiring versions that allow people to further manipulate this feature using AI technology.

Thus, the Reface Pro APK was born. Normally, anyone could tell the difference whenever you’d face swap individuals in photos or videos due to the out-of-sync body-to-face ratio. However, with the advancement of technology and specifically AI, editors can now perfectly sync face swaps in videos and GIFs to create seamless and entertaining content that the public can marvel at.


What is Reface Pro APK?

Reface Pro is free software that focuses on changing faces or face swapping. It allows users to replace their faces with those of various superstars, artists, and performers of their choice in the available videos. One would simply have to take a selfie using their camera and select any video they would like to have the face swap integrated. The app tries to make every face swap look genuine or real enough using a highly detailed image analyzer which examines each pixel to ensure they all fit in together before making the swap.

The Reface Pro APK uses GAN frameworks to achieve image authenticity and a high image resolution in every video. The AI-powered deepfake technology used in the app makes such editing accessible and easy to use for everyone, including the normal user who doesn’t have any editing skills. The app strives to replace the tiresome process of editing faces using your PC, which takes hours on end to achieve similar results, with a more convenient and straightforward procedure that can be completed with the snap of your selfie camera and the tap of a button.

Version Info

NameReface Pro
Size51 MB
CategoryPhoto Editors
Last updatedJanuary 05, 2024

Download Reface Pro APK Latest for Android

The Reface Pro APK is a modified version of the app that provides users with premium features for free without a paid subscription. Normally, you can download the basic version of the app from Play Store. However, the basic or free version usually comes with some limitations, including the inability to access some popular videos or celebrities for the face swap feature.

Thus, when you download the latest version of Reface Pro APK, all features would be unlocked, including the freedom to dictate whether or not you want a watermark on your saved edits.  Your limits extend as far as your imagination when it comes to swapping your face with some of the most popular trendsetters online. One can access the latest version of Reface Pro APK from the link provided below.

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Premium Features Unlocked


With the pro version, you access pro features which include the chance to integrate your face into a “Loooong video.” While the normal face swaps on the basic version allow for short video clips, the pro version enables users to create long videos from various popular content. Teach people how to act like Joey Tribbiani from “Friends” by swapping your face with his in a long video scene from the popular comedy show of the 90s.



There are many categories to choose from for face swaps for every event, including birthday wishes, Oktoberfest, Valentine’s cards, Xmas, Thanksgiving, among others. Choose your favourite category and start your journey of creating new content with your face in the picture.


The app also launched a vertical video format for users to create TikTok creation easily. The format also works for Insta stories allowing users to go nuts with their imagination. Here, you can access Euphoria clips, bite and drink films, swap wars movie scenes, a crown fits scenes, Slo red carpet, and much more. There’s something for everyone enabling users to create share-worthy content for their TikTok and Insta stories.

Top 100

Browse through some of the most popular edited videos, GIFs, and images on the platform and give yourself a chance at enjoying what many other users prefer. Here you can find popular celebrities such as Captain Jack Sparrow, Rambo, John Cena, Kylie Jenner, Iron Man, Cinderella, and many others. From musical pop stars and legends to award-winning actors/actresses and movie stars, you can transform into anyone you want using the reface Pro APK. Choose a face and start creating entertainment.

Rehair Salon

Fancy a celebrity’s hairstyle? Why not try it out and see how it would look like on you. With this feature, you can choose pictures of people with some of the most amazing hair and face swap with these images to give you an insight of how you would look in their “shoes.”



Pick out some of the most popular scenes in the movie industry and face swap with the main characters to give you the role of a lifetime. Save these videos and share with your friends to show them that you have what it takes to be as stealthy as spiderman crawling up walls or as feared as John Wick when incited.


Create your own GIFs using various television scenes that express different emotions, messages, and quotes. You can surprise your friends by dropping these creations into your conversations and expressing your genius in them.



I believe memes make the world a better place because the joy or laughter that they bring can make a big difference to someone. Here, you can integrate your face into popular memes and make other people laugh their hearts out.

Mod features

These are the unlocked mod features that are actually a paid options.

  • No expiration for pro
  • Disable all ads including link ads.
  • No watermark.

Final Words

We can go on and on about the Reface Pro application and what it can do for you. If you’re interested in finding out how much AI has evolved, knock yourself out by downloading the app and keeping yourself entertained with new and improved content every day. There are so many opportunities that come with the app and probably more fun to come with future updates.

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