Nova Launcher Prime APK 8.0.3 Download Latest [Free] 2023

Nova Launcher Prime is a highly customisable launcher for Android devices and the best home screen replacement if you feel bored of the default android launcher. In this article, we are going to give you the download link of Nova Launcher Prime APK latest version for android devices.

Android is a highly customizable operating system which allows users to do so many things, including superuser access. Of course, that can break your warranty provided by OEMs and these days rooting is not necessary to theme your device. Because of many OEMs support system-wide themes and all the beautify stuff will be available in their own app store.

With that being said, the users can install any third-party launcher to make your home screen super cool. Nova Launcher Prime App is one of them and provides the best customisations, including icon packs, app drawer, subgrid positioning, colours, gestures and more.

So, download Nova Prime Launcher APK latest version from our site. We unlocked all premium features and came with the modified license.

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What is Nova Launcher Prime APK?

Nova Launcher Prime APK is a separate application which acts as an unlocker to unlock the premium features in the free version. So, you must install the app along with the free version when we talk about the official way.

With our mod, you don’t have to install two apps in the same device. Just load the given application in your android device. That’s it 😎

The paid version offers extra features though that would really benefit the users of every android smartphone. In my case, I would like to make use of gestures to open and close your favourite apps. It is one of the handy features that makes everything ease when you once adopt to the functions that you set.

There are very useful features that come with the Nova Launcher Prime APK and read them from our features section. My suggestion is to spend time on each function by knowing about how it works. This way, you will utilise all the features in any app.

Version Info

NameNova Prime
Size10 MB
Last updatedSeptember 19, 2022

Download Nova Launcher Prime APK Latest Version for Android

Create your best launcher setup with the Nova Launcher Prime APK latest working version for android. Here we update the latest build according to the official release. All you just need to do is be a part of our Telegram Channel to get instant updates about our blog posts.

Launcher delivers the utmost performance since it is fully optimised to the OS. Get a Highly customizable, performance-driven, home screen replacement for Android devices.

Download APK file from below.

Gesture controls


A plethora of gestures controls help you to open or close the apps easily. Not only apps, but you can also do a lot more by just making a small action. Like expanding quick notifications, quick settings, recents and more.

Nova Launcher Prime Supports pinch-in, pinch-out, swipe-up and swipe-down, double-tap, two fingers (rotation anti-clockwise & clockwise), Double-tap + swipe (up&down) and a lot more.

All you have to do is just memorize the things you set up in the gesture controls. So, this practice will be helpful for accessing all shortcuts and settings as quickly as possible.


Read remaining features for prime users.

  • App drawer groups – Add your favourite list of apps in a group to access quickly.
  • Tabs – Separate drawer tabs and hide some items there to open whenever you want. It works as a secret door for the guests.
  • Hide – Just send them to another parallel universe 😋 without uninstalling.
  • Grid – Make drawer grid from 1×1 to 12×12 in landscape and portrait.
  • Icon size – Increase up to 150%
  • Icon packs – Supports separate icon packs which can be downloaded from the google playstore.
  • Speed – Adjust animation and scroll speeds.
  • Sesame – Nova Launcher Prime integrated with the sesame to enhance the range of shortcuts and search. You must Install sesame from the google playstore to avail the features.
  • Backup and restore – Take a complete backup of the current setup and restore whenever you want.
  • Scroll effects – More scroll effects unlocked, and you can use them for desktop and drawer scrolling.
  • Icon swipes – Long press on the icon on the desktop or home screen to set some action for the icon swipe.

How to Install Nova Prime Launcher APK on Android?

Follow the steps to install easily.

Step 1. Once you start downloading Nova Launcher Prime APK from our official servers, progress will show up in the notification bar.

Step 2. Once it gets downloaded, tap on the APK file right from the notification panel.

Step 3. Now, security option asks you to enable unknown sources to proceed, then hit the allow button.


Step 4. Go to the APK file saved location, install Nova Prime APK from there.

Step 5. Open and choose an initial layout. Select from the available options such as Start fresh, backup and Browse.


Step 6. Allow Storage permissions


Step 7. Select theme (Light or Dark) and Finally choose drawer style.

Final Words

If you would love to make the customisation of the home screen of your android device, then Nova Launcher Prime APK is the best app we recommend to you. Its supports many third-party widgets, icons package and even themes. A lot more youtube tutorials are making for how a beginner can set up things.

Just follow them to create beautiful home screen.

I hope you like this tutorial, Kindly share with your friends. And I will meet you in the next one. Peace ✌️ ️

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