vpnify Premium APK 2.0 Download (Unlocked Mod) 2023

Despite being advised to refrain from sharing your IP address with anyone around you, you’re unknowingly giving it to strangers across different networks online. Is it illegal for people to track your IP address? No, it’s not, provided they don’t use it for any illegal purposes. However, with the rise in cybercrimes, how sure can you be that you’re safe browsing the internet with your actual IP address? Masking your online identity doesn’t have to come at a high price. It doesn’t have to cost you anything when you’re using the vpnify Premium APK for all your online activities.

vpnify premium apk download latest version for android

What is vpnify Premium APK?

The vpnify Premium APK is an effective VPN that lets you mask your device’s IP address allowing you to browse the internet safely, securely, and anonymously. For your peace of mind, while using public networks or wifi, this VPN will encrypt your data while routing it through servers located hundreds of thousands of miles away from you.

This way, anyone with ill intentions won’t access your details and probably even impersonate your identity for credit card theft. The VPN also comes with multiple servers leaving it up to you to choose where you’d like to browse from virtually.

Unfortunately, VPNify can’t serve every country as it is only available for a few countries but that is not the case with the Turbo VPN Premium version. You can try that if you want to locate a particular country.

App Info

Namevpnify premium
Size8.33 MB
Last updated onJune 16, 2022

Download vpnify Premium Mod APK for Android

Why download the Mod APK of vpnify instead of the original application? While the basic version is available on the Play Store for download, it comes with specific restrictions, including limited access to the premium servers that work best. The app would also require you to buy the Premium version with unlocked VIP features to enjoy full access to all the VPN’s abilities. However, vpnify Premium Mod APK is free for all has no ads or in-app purchases. Surf the web like you own it without relying on paid subscriptions by downloading your latest version of vpnify Premium Mod APK today from the link below.


Free to Use


Some VPNs have a habit of forcing users to watch a short ad every time they try connecting to a server. This problem is familiar with the free services that require in-app purchases to remove ads. They’re more interested in how they can make money off you than giving you the ultimate protection. However, all Pro features are unlocked with the vpnify Premium Mod APK. Download the app and browse through the world wide web with a masked IP address free of charge, ad-free, and without worry for your online safety.


Did you know that whenever your VPN connection drops, your actual IP address is instantly exposed to anyone that’s trying to track your activity online? These trackers include websites you’re visiting and hackers. The vpnify Premium Kill-Switch automatically disconnects your device online immediately after your VPN connection is lost. The service remains offline until your connection returns, protecting your privacy and personal data.

Multiple Working Servers


The vpnify Premium APK provides users with multiple working servers worldwide. Each server has been optimized to give the most efficiently masked IP address without memory. This means that you get an entirely new IP address every time you connect to the same server as before. Similarly, your traffic logs won’t be stored to prevent external sources online from tracking your actual IP address. You can also have the app select the best and most efficient server at that moment with the “Auto-Select” option.

Connection Check

With most VPNs, once you’re connected to a server, you’re good to go even without knowing the state of your connection. However, with vpnify, a connection check website is always opened every time you connect to a server for extra assurance.

Split Tunneling

Unlike many VPNs, vpnify offers users split tunneling. This feature lets you pick which of the apps on your device would use the VPN when connected to the internet and which would use a direct connection instead. You can also have all apps use the VPN connection whenever they’re connected online.

Advanced MTU Options

MTU stands for Maximum Transmission Unite and is the largest packet (small amount of data sent over the network) size that can be sent over a specific connection. A higher MTU transfers more data at once over a network and leads to a more extensive bandwidth connection. The vpnify Premium APK offers users advanced MTU options from the default 1300 to 1500. Choosing a higher MTU could potentially increase speeds by up to 4%. However, it could also lead to connection errors depending on your device.

Final Words

The internet should be a safe environment for users of all ages. However, since good things always come at a cost, you shouldn’t have to pay for protection when you can get it for free. The vpnify Premium Mod APK has secured the online identities of millions worldwide from falling into the wrong hands, and it can do the same for your IP address. Download the APK today and enjoy unlimited anonymity online.

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