Remove China Apps APK 1.10 Download Latest (Official)

Remove China Apps APK has been developed recently is for removing certain china origin apps and gone viral over India. Within a short time, it hits the 5 Million downloads mark in Google Playstore, and reportedly most of the installs happened from India. This app’s development is kinda strategic way of getting popularity during anti-china feeling, COVID-19 and Bharat-china border disputes.

Anyway, in my opinion, this app is a much-needed thing for a smartphone user to prevent spying at least some extent. It detects many popular apps as per the developer database, including TikTok, PUBG Mobile, VidMate, Camscanner and UC Browser. Also, the developer said that we are adding more applications in the blacklist to work accurately.

Unfortunately, Remove Chinese Apps APK has been removed from the Google Playstore since it doesn’t comply with the policies. These terms apply to the tools which interfere with other apps on an android device. Therefore they removed it completely.

Nothing need to worry about. We have got you. In this page, you can able to download official remove china apps apk for your android device. Please Scroll down and get it.


What is Remove China Apps APK?

Remove China Apps APK is an android application which finds the installed apps on your android that is made by the Chinese developers as per the database. Helps you to quickly uninstall them in a single tap.

Even, it ignores preinstalled apps, but the thing is you won’t completely remove them since it requires root access. Still, the app is not yet supported for asking superuser permissions and might be they add this feature in future updates.

It is developed by the Indian startup called OneTouch AppLabs and these guys did a pretty good job.

Version Info

NameRemove China Apps
Size3.84 MB
Last updated January 08, 2024

Download Remove China Apps APK Latest Version for Android

It is a simple and straight forward application which doesn’t ask you any permissions after you install. But they need an android version of your device to enhance the performance in the coming updates. Blindly go for the app if you want to find apps which are originated from China.

We here only sharing the official version from the developer and will be updated as per their release. Now, without any further doubts, download the latest Remove China Apps APK file from below.



  • Small in Size – It doesn’t take many resources from your android device. So, a low-end device can also handle easily.
  • Quick Scan – It lets you find the apps that are made by the Chinese developer and yet to be implemented.
  • It can notify even when you installed from the third-party app stores rather than the google play.
  • No sign up required – Directly use the tool without any barriers.
  • No permissions – It doesn’t need android permissions to access the data like media, phone and location.
  • Simple user interface and can use irrespective of age group.

How to Install Remove China Apps APK on Android?

Step 1. Download Official Remove China Apps APK on your device.

Step 2. Open any file manager and then go to the location (folder) where apk file was stored.

Step 3. Now, tap on it. If you are new to this process, then you should allow unknown source by going through settings.

Step 4. Once you enable security setting, install remove china apps apk file on your android device.


Step 5. Open it and Tap on the quick scan option.


Step 6. It starts scanning your device and find the apps that are blacklisted.

Step 7. Now, you can see the red colour trash icon. Tap on it.

The system needs confirmation and then click on OK.

This action removes a particular android app from your device.

Note: You can install again from the Google Playstore if you want.


Remove China Apps is a tool which is developed for educational purposes to know the country origin of the smartphone apps as per the developer statement. But deep down, we know the real truth behind the creation of this fantastic tool. I hope developer support this application even though they kicked out from the playstore.

Thanks for visiting and I will meet in the next one. Peace ✌️

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  1. Nothing found on mine. I have FaceBook baked into the my phone. Short of installing Lineage or something similar, I’m stuck with that. Disabled, but I wish I could make it go away.

  2. Develop more and more advanced app which beat Chinese apps ….. and please give the tagline “MADE IN INDIA”…

    • The app has to update its database as PUBG Mobile is developed by “Tencent games” which is originated from China.

      By the way, PUBG and PUBG Mobile have different stories. Kindly google to know more.

      • I can confirm that this is correct. PUBG mobile is a Chinese app, it also collects your data without permission. This has been quite a news in East Asian community.


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