EZ Hunter FC APK 2.2 Download Latest (Official) 2023

EZ Hunter FC APK is an android tool to unlock the latest Mobile Legends skins. It has almost all characters and supports backups of original files. Also, offers analog effects, background effects and battle effects.

If you’re a fan of playing MOBA games, then you most probably have come across Mobile Legends or even heard of it. If not, then I don’t think you qualify to call yourself a MOBA gamer. There are two reasons why you may have landed on this page and one of them includes finding a solution as to why some of the noobs you may have played against in the game have higher-ranked heroes while their ratings are still low.

The other would be that you may have found a solution to accessing all the exciting features that the original game lacks but the EZ Hunter FC APK makes up for.


What is the EZ Hunter FC APK?

The EZ Hunter FC APK is a tool used to inject patches into your Mobile Legends game on your Android device and allow you to unlock all the skins for characters and battle effects among others, that would boost your gaming experience.

It is simply a helper that provides extra features missing in the game itself. Such features grant you the abilities and power that your heroes need to climb the ranks and earn you loads of points.

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Version Info

NameEZ Hunter FC
Size12 MB
Last updatedDecember 30, 2021

Download EZ Hunter FC APK Latest Version for Android

On this page, you can follow the link provided below and access the official and latest version of EZ Hunter FC APK today. Maximize on the advantages of having such an injector for the ML game on your Android device and enjoy all the skins and powerful characters that get you on top of your game.

No Password

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Unlock all skins for free


Skins not only make your hero look intimidating towards their opponents, but they also pull in a few additional stats rise in the game. While some offer additional HP others provide extra attack to help you last longer and deal more damage to your enemies in battle. However, relying on the ML app to unlock these skins would force you to spend some of your hard-earned money just to cloth a character. The EZ Hunter FC APK unlocks skins for free without spending a dime.


The EZ Hunter FC APK is an injector that allows you to install patches into the game safely and without being dictated. This way, you are able to unlock all the features you desire such as unlimited skins and characters without getting banned. It is a no ban zone for any player looking to hassle up some advantage to their game.

Unlock various backgrounds

Our eyes are susceptible to being weary of monotonous images that don’t change and this can lead to boredom in the game and especially in the lobby. Download the EZ Hunter FC APK today and with it, you can patch in various backgrounds that would increase diversity within the game. With a new background, you would get excited even when it comes to upgrading your characters because the colours on the screen compliment their looks.

Battle Effects


There are various battle effects that one wouldn’t be able to unlock or access without enough ratings in the game. Such effects could put you at a great fighting advantage against any of your opponents. Effects like Recall which is an ability that all players have, regardless of the champion they are playing, come in handy. It causes your champion to channel for a few seconds. If the channel is not interrupted, it causes the champion to appear at their team’s fountain.

You can also acquire spawn or eliminasi when you use the EZ Hunter FC APK to inject your champion requirements into the game.

Unlock all characters skins for free

While the heroes in action films and TV shows defend the earth and fight off enemies for free, you’d have to pay off the ML game to unlock some of its unique heroes. These characters could possess more power and raise your chances of climbing the ranks much faster. However, it doesn’t come cheaply. As you would be required to pay a significant price to unlock a couple of these awesome characters.

Using the EZ Hunter FC APK could just be the financial aid your wallet needs and the boost that your rank has been craving because it allows you to unlock all the characters skins in the game. You get access to every hero together with all their abilities in check enabling you to put down your opponents easily and reach the top dog table in no time.

How to Install EZ Hunter FC APK on Android?

Step 1. Visit our download page to get official EZ Hunter FC APK file. This is 100% legit and we also provide a valid password for the app.

Step 2. Once it gets downloaded, open any file manager app.

Step 3. Search for the APK file and tap on it.

Step 4. Now, It will ask you to allow unknown sources if you are new to this type of installation.

Step 5. Install EZ Hunter FC APK on your android device.

Step 6. Open it and enter the password.


Step 7. Apply the skin on your owned character.

Final Thoughts

The EZ Hunter FC APK is your one way stop to accomplishing so much more in the ML game without having to break a sweat or spend a dime. There are many opportunities that come with using this application and they are all at your disposal once you install the app on your Android device.

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