AG Injector APK 6.0 Download Latest (Official) 2023

AG Injector APK is an android tool from Aneh Gaming which allows us to achieve premium skins and characters for free. Get official version from this page.

Mobile Legends is an epic game that has grown popular with Android gamers from all over the globe. However, there are certain features that you would be forced to use your own cash to access them. Features such as the various special skins and masks require game coins and diamonds to purchase. If you have an insufficiency of these two items, you can purchase more using actual money.

There are, therefore, software that allows you to hack into the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and unlock these special skins and masks free of charge. These apps are known as patchers, and AG Injector is one of the most efficient ML hacking tools for Android devices.


What is AG Injector APK?

AG Injector APK is a tool that enables ML gamers to access all the special skins for their characters. Normally, one would be expected to pay for these skins either through diamond or money, but the AG Injector allows you to do this for free.

You only need to have the ML game installed, and once you access each special skin, you can click on download, and the app will automatically download it in the game. The AG Injector is your one-way free ticket to getting all the skins and masks your ML character deserves to look good.

It is developed by tejJ from Aneh Gaming and kind of similar to the IMLS App, but there is a virtual environment concept involved here. All things were done in the real environment and quite easy to operate.

Version Info

NameAG Injector
DeveloperAneh Gaming
Size40 Mb
Last updatedDecember 30, 2021

Download AG Injector APK Latest Version for Android

To download the AG Injector APK, you will need to visit our official download page that offers the APK. The app isn’t available on the Google Play Store. You can also subscribe to the Aneh Gaming YouTube channel to find out more about the app and how it can help you in your ML gaming.

Download the latest version of AG Injector APK below:


Safe and Secure

Some patcher software tends to be a scam carrying viruses and malware that are not only capable of distorting your game but harming your device as well. I once tried to download different types of tools to unlock skins in my ML gameplay.

However, these apps would instead disrupt the functioning of the game and at times, interfere with my device’s functionality. Not only would the game not start, but my phone would hang and I would be forced to reboot the device just so that I can uninstall the software.

As such, before you install any such tool, be sure that you aren’t downloading malware. With the AG Injector, however, you are guaranteed of safety for both your game and device. You won’t lose any in-game data as is the case with some rogue apps. All you have to do is install the app and you can safely and immediately access all the skins you need.


AG Injector functions on a one-click unlock principle that makes it very easy to unlock the skins you so desire. There are many injectors through which you would have to persevere a long process before you can actually unlock any of the skins.

Once you click on unlock, it would require you to patch the game, grant it access to unnecessary permissions and wait for minutes on end before the process is complete.

With the AG Injector, all you have to do is open the app and click on the desired skin.

The software will automatically detect the game installed into your device and immediately hack into it, making the special skins available for free.

100% free

To access any of the special skins, you need coins or diamonds for any of your purchases. At times you would find out that no matter how long you play the game, you are awarded a few coins and a stingy amount of diamonds.

However, these coins and diamonds may not be enough to purchase the desired skins forcing you to buy more using actual cash. Such a trend can be expensive, especially if you are interested in many special skins.

With the AG Injector in you can easily access any of the skins free of charge. You don’t need to spend any of your coins or diamonds. You will also save cost on the cash that you would have instead used to purchase more coins. The is no subscription fee nor will you be asked to upgrade to a premium account for easier access. Everything comes free of charge.


We all hate sudden interruptions by a rogue. They tend to interfere with the user’s experience and can thus be irritating. However, AG Injector isn’t infected by any advertisements. All you have to do is open the app and unlock the skins you want.

Simple user-interface

We all expect to walk into the app and unlock the special skills and get back to the game. However, some injector apps have complex interfaces that would take time to navigate before you finally start the process.

The AG Injector has a very simple interface. All you have to do is open the app and once you click on the menu bar, the list of all special skins appear. As simple as that, just click on the skin you’d like to unlock and the process would immediately start.

Unique Skins

If you’re looking to customize your characters, you can use the AG Injector to download skins and masks for free. You can then apply these skins on your characters for a better in-game experience.

How to Install AG Injector APK on Android?

Installation is pretty easy and everyone can easily understand what going on here.

Step 1. Once you download the Aneh Gaming Injector APK to your android device, find the location it.

Step 2. To find the location, use any file manager app.

Step 3. Once you know about where it has been stored, tap on APK file.

Step 4. Allow unknown sources or allow from this source option.

Step 5. Again Tap on the APK file, and Install AG Injector APK on your android device.


Step 6. Open it and Allow storage permissions.

Step 7. Head over to the menu section, there you can able to see the Aneh option.


Step 8. Tap on it and then you will get a bunch of Skins that you can use right now.

Step 9. Select any one of them and click on the inject button.

Step 10. It shows a progress bar while injection a piece of code into the Mobile Legends – Bang Bang.

Open the game and select what you have unlocked here.

Final Words

What are you waiting for? Download the AG Injector and get access to all of your favourite skins. Make your gaming experience more realistic in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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