(FFTools) Antena View APK 2.4 Download (Anti-Ban)

Official Antena View APK for Garena Free Fire Game which is used to make easy kills on game. It just edits the Free Fire game files in SD Card. So, your account is safe and won’t get banned.

Does anyone remember the movie, “Battle Royale,” where kids were sent off to fight in an arena in the hopes of emerging the last man standing and getting a taste of freedom. Later on, came the hunger games, and I’m sure you don’t need an introduction to this one. Ironically, it seems that these films gave rise to the idea of ultimate survival games or popularly known as battle royale games. These became the epitome of the gaming industry with players from around the world joining forces to battle it out against each other in an epic virtual world.

50+ designated players from around the globe each represented by their own virtual character placed on a remote island and forced to fight to the death for their survival. Everyone is your enemy unless you’re teamed up in pairs or quad squads against other groups. Players start off by choosing their landing zones and parachuting to these designated locations from a plane. The ultimate goal is to stay alive to the end for you to be crowned winner and to do this you have to fight your way to the end.

That’s not even the best part, because you can collect a variety of weapons to deal with your opponents, drive vehicles and ram them into the enemies or even silently await their move from a tall building using a deadly sniper. Your options for survival are endless, as long as you stay within the safe zone otherwise, you’ll end up degrading your health until you finally run out of time and die. Such is the life expected in any battle royale game and Garena Free Fire is no exception of a game.

As great as this game sounds, there is, however, one sad truth that can put you off. There are professional gamers and newbies and both these individuals are put together on the same island. Normally, you would expect the pro to get a quick grasp of the gameplay and take advantage of their superiority to exterminate the amateurs for more points. These beginners stand no chance against such skills and therefore, need an added advantage to help them beat the odds. The Antena view app is the perfect solution for such troubled players.


Have you ever heard of or gotten the opportunity to play games like Free Fire, PUBG, Mobile Legends, Call of Duty mobile or other similar games? Well, these are thus, referred to as battle royale games and they can be tough to handle especially if you’re a newbie battling it out for survival with the pros. When it comes to Free Fire, there are millions of expert online players vouching for the game and if you don’t watch your step, you may find yourself dead after every minute when a match begins.

What is Antena View APK?

Antena View is, therefore, a hacking tool software designed for the game Free Fire, to help you play better and gain a much more surreal experience. The app allows games to use the Antenna View mode to spot enemies easily and quickly move in for the kill.

Basically, the official app gives you a better view of your enemies in the FF game. This may seem impossible but is literally real because your skills will be boosted and you will get a better grasp of the concept and survival tactics in the game.

If you’re asking yourself what’s so special about this app that others seem to lack, well, here’s your basic answer. Normally, when you infiltrate such a game’s system and make use of the modes using external sources, there is a likely chance that you may be detected.

Your actions will, therefore, result in your expulsion from the game and your account will be banned and lost. Antena View application, therefore, gives you a free and private pass to this mode without any detection.

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Version Info

Name(FFTools) Antena View
Size7 MB
Last updatedDecember 30, 2021

Download Antena View APK Latest Version for Android.

For the Antena View APK application to function, you will need to have the Garena Free Fire already installed on your Android device. You can then download the official app online from using our site because it isn’t available on the default Google Play Store.

During the game, the hack tends to portray a large Antenna on your enemies. This antenna can is can be noticed from exceptionally long distances. You can, therefore, find other players easily using the antenna and eliminate them. The antenna gives out a different line colour between your enemies and teammates.

You can also view the lines on the map and figure out the exact enemy location. In no time, you will become a pro hunter at the game and instead of finding out a way to survive, you will be on the move tracking down and preying on your opponents to win.

Download the latest version of Antena View APK below:


This app was developed by Cyrust21 for Garena Free Fire gamers and available for free download. The developer has a YouTube channel where he used to provide Antena View App tutorials. Subscribe him if you would like to know more. Well, let’s read this tool features.


Have you ever had such a depressing experience whereby you’re banned from a game and your account is entirely disposed of? Well, if not, I can tell you that it sucks because I can relate to every detail in the experience. My entire progress, gone. It doesn’t matter how far you were in the game, once you’re banned, that’s the end of the road for you. All this was because I used a similar hack tool that forgot to hide my identity for the hack.

The process of starting all over again from scratch is scrutinizing and very depressing. However, with the Antena View APK, you are guaranteed of an anonymous hack with anti-ban features. This means that the game will not detect that you hacked into it and you would play without fear and getting banned.

Compatible with the latest FF version

Every game is updated regularly adding new and improved featured into the interface. This may render some hacking tool useless since they were only designed to hack into the game’s previous versions. However, the Antena View application is compatible with the latest version of Free Fire allowing you to get the most out of your modes using the app even with newer updates.

Suitable for all rooted and non-rooted devices

You don’t have to root your device to use the Antena View app with the FF game like most alternative hacking tools demand. Whether your device is rooted or not, the app with function normally.

Regular updates

You can find regular updates for the Antena View APK and with each update, the security of the software is also improved.

Support with virtual Chinese

The Antena View APK is compatible with Virtual Chinese phones and also, does not need a clone in the virtual realm of the game.

How to Install Antena View APK on Android?

Step 1. Firstly, download Antena View APK from our official download page.

Step 2. Head over to any file manager app.

Step 3. Search for APK file or directly go to the downloaded folder.

Step 4. Tap on the APK file and Allow unknown sources option that is available in the android setting.


Step 5. Install Antena View APK on your android device.

Step 6. Now, open and allow access to your media, photos and file of your android device.

Step 7. Select Antena Head or Antena Hand or both from the available options. It will inject some code to the Garena Free Fire game file.


Step 8. Then click on the Start button. That’s it.

Final words

Why would you want a hopeless struggle for survival and victory against players who have been gaming since the dawn of time? It would be pointless to compete with professionals and especially if you’re a newbie who knows nothing about the game but just to shoot first and ask questions later.

I recommend downloading the official Antena View app as soon as you have the game installed onto your Android device. Take it out for a spin in the battlefield and see yourself closer to victory every time.

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