(AIDS) DeezLoader APK 1.0.58 Download Latest (Official)

Deezer is one of the popular streaming services which has the ability to provide high-quality music in a FLAC format. Of course, even Spotify didn’t meet that quality in any of their subscription plans yet. Although we provided Deezer Premium Mod for Android which allows offline download indeed, still many folks desperately looking for the music downloaders like DeezLoader App.

DeezLoader is also known as Deezer downloader, which is based on the GitHub’s Remix code by DuttaAditya18. Now, this project was taken by many volunteers around GitHub and users don’t need to worry about the updates. By the way, we will update you whenever they publish a new version if you are a push subscriber to us.

Anyway, downloading premium content without paying is more fun than any other these days. This tool allows us to do the same even without subscribing to the Deezer premium or without registering on their official servers. This is kinda needed thing to stay in the safe zone.

The app is super clean and simple to use. Hey! old users just straight away to the official download page from below link. I think I don’t need to explain more to you.

If you are new to this Deezloader APK and want to learn more? read some more paragraphs to understand what is this app all about.


What is DeezLoader APK?

Deezloader is an android utility tool developed for downloading music for offline listening. Supports many streaming services including Spotify, and we just need to paste the track or playlist link in the link section to know whether it is supported or not.

It is like a premium service since offline listening is expensive these days. So, get the app and enjoy music anywhere and anytime. Once you saved on your device storage, you don’t need to think about the geo-restrictions and all.

It supports many other platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux along with the android devices. Even, you can open in the browser as a web app. That’s really cool. Isn’t it?

When you heard about the DeezLoader App, you probably think about the token thing to access. Actually, you don’t need token now, and they changed the things after 2.4.4 version.

Version Info

Size10 MB
Last updatedJanuary 08, 2024

Download DeezLoader APK Latest Version for Android

DeezLoader APK is the best client available for Deezer, and it is totally dependent on their servers to scrape the high-quality mp3 files. So, if the Deezer is not available in your country, then search, and login features will not work for you.

That means you don’t see any point of using this downloader application. In this case, we suggest you download the VPN and point to the supported country to avail the benefits.

Supports downloading Songs, Albums and Playlists to your device storage. Available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.

Download DeezLoader APK Latest Version from below.



  • Web browser support – You can open as a web app and do all things in the browser you want. It is optional and can be selected when open Deezloader app.
  • Log in – Login to your Deezer account and access playlists to download directly to your device storage. That makes you listen to music offline, that means whenever you want with audio players.
  • Search – The best option you could find in this android application. With a search option, you could find Songs, Playlists, Albums and tracks from Artist name.
  • Charts – This is an exclusive list made by the team based on popularity. You can directly select the country from the dropdown and download the whole playlist with a single tap.
  • Link analyzer – Just paste the link of particular track or album to save offline – a useful feature to download tracks that are unavailable in your country.
  • Night mode – It is also known as a dark mode for nights.
  • FLAC (1411kbps) – Select the option from the settings to download high definition music. Also, it supports mp3 in 320 kbps and 128 kbps.
  • Simple UI – It gives you a better user experience.
  • Multiple platforms – Supports Linux, Mac, Windows and Android.

How to Install DeezLoader APK on Android?

Step 1. Once you download Official DeezLoader APK file from our servers, go to the file manager.

Step 2. Find the Apk file.

Step 3. Tap the APK file. It may give you warning notice from the android security settings and ask you to allow this source to proceed.

Allow unknown sources or allow this source option.

Step 4. Now, Again tap on the APK file to install on your android device.

Step 5. Open it and allow storage permissions.

Wait for a while until it gets loaded.


Step 6. Now, you can see the two options in the screen – Open here and Open with the browser. Choose any one of them.

Step 7. Search your favourite song title or artist name or album name to get the related results.


Step 8. Click on the Down arrow button to download.

Now, it will be added in the queue list and will give you notification once it’s done.

How to Download Music in FLAC format?

All you just need is follow simple steps.

  1. Once you are done with the installation and all pre-setup things, open menu.
  2. Head over to the Settings.
  3. Navigate to the App settings section.
  4. Now you can choose the preferred bitrate.
  5. Select FLAC 1411kbps in the dropdown.
  6. Now, you will see the songs which are in FLAC format when you search.

Final Words

DeezLoader is a simple app, and anyone can understand easily how to use it. All thanks to their UI design. Allows login to their personal Deezer account and download all playlists, tracks and many more without a premium subscription. The best part is to download FLAC tracks with ease.

A must tool for the music lovers if they want to listen to songs in external music players.

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I hope you like this tool. If you do, then kindly share with your friends.

And I will meet you in the next one. Peace ✌️

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  1. I think deezloader is now discontinued…..
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