[Zolaxis Patcher] v3.0 Zaxius Domain APK Download

Zaxius Domain APK is formerly known as Zolaxis Patcher App which is used to unlock ML Skins for free.

If you’re a diehard of the official Mobile Legends game then you should probably stick around and explore this post further. The rest of you are advised to stay keen to find out all the action and excitement you’ve been missing out on regarding this fantastic game. Injectors are some of the most popular software associated with ML bang bang as it offers players the slim opportunity of unlocking a broad range of features, most importantly hero skins, that would have otherwise been limited in the original game.

However, finding the right injector for the job can be a tight squeeze especially if it’s your first time but worry not, for today we introduce to you the Zaxius Domain APK, a marvellous and effective injector for your ML game.


What is Zaxius Domain APK?

The Zaxius Domain APK is an injector application designed to help Mobile Legends players unlock and pump their favorite hero skins into the game. There are many other similar applications to Zaxius, with a popular one being AG Injector however, Zaxius Domain was developed by Zolaxis.

The app comes with a newer and more unique design as compared to other injectors along with a regularly updated interface for its users’ benefits. Similarly, it comes pre-installed with anti-ban features to mask the players’ activities when injecting these skins, preventing their accounts from being suspended. What more could you ask for from such efficient software?

App Details

NameZaxius Domain
Size10 MB
Last updatedJanuary 08, 2024

Download Zaxius Domain APK Latest Version for Android

In this day and age, in-app purchases tend to be quite expensive considering there is more than one time that meets a player’s eyes. To get all the skins you desire, you would need to invest thousands of dollars, something that many players are unwilling to throw away just for skins that would get outdated as the game develops further.

That’s why many users prefer using injectors like the Zaxius Domain APK instead of opting for the paid options. Not only do you get free access to all skins, but also emotes, recalls, kill, and spawn effects. You can also change the heroes on your loading screen, and inject higher drone views among other available features. Get yourself the latest version of Zaxius Domain APK today from the link given below.


Unlock Skins for Free

Zaxius Domain APK allows users to inject every character’s skin into their game for free. All roles have been efficiently represented including:

  • Assassin
  • Mage
  • Fighter
  • Marksman
  • Tank
  • Support


Some injectors are infested with pop-ups and video ads that greatly bring down the user experience. Zaxius Domain, however, is ad-free and comes with a simple and straightforward interface for easier understanding and navigation.

No Login Required

The app won’t ask you to create a free account with it nor will it require any login details to access its features. Simply open the app, select the category of features you’d wish to install in your game and inject them into your ML account.

Anti-ban Properties

The fear of being detected and banned for using a third-party application to access locked or limited features in a game is every gamer’s nightmare. Having your account suspended can really drag your progress through the mud. However, Zaxius Domain app comes pre-installed with an anti-ban feature to mask your activities and prevent your account from being banned.

Battle Emotes

Unlock all emoticons for direct communication during the game. Normally, when you try using the old fashioned way to get emotes, you’ll need to accumulate a higher credit score or attain a bigger rank for the special ones. With Zaxius Domain, every emoticon is unlocked for free access leaving you to choose as per your communication habits.


Recalls are important to help keep your character alive even after a fatal injury. There’s a broad range of recall effects you can inject into the game each of which brings a unique feel into the battlefield.

Drone View

Increase the drone view to broaden your view of scope when in battle and get an upper hand against distant opponents. You can inject up to x5 drone views for maximum effect.


The highlights of the game are always better illustrated with effects and that’s why Zaxius Domain offers as many death, kill, and spawn effects that you can inject into your game to make the gameplay more exciting.

Loading Screen

Change the background to your loading screen by injecting different options into your game.

Custom Skins

You can custom over 60 ML heroes to give them unique skins that would intimidate other fighters in battle.

Final Words

Now that you’re well acquainted with the Zaxius Domain APK, it’s up to you to decide what you want to inject into your game. Stand out of the crowd as a competent and stylish fighter in the game by unlocking all skins and effects designed to add a spark into your gameplay.

Remember, even with all these opportunities or features at your disposal, you still need to practice more to sharpen your skills and give the top players a run for their money. Download the Zaxius Domain APK today and take charge of your ML game.

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