GBWhatsApp Pro APK 17.52 Download Latest (Official) 2023

GBWhatsApp Pro version is a somewhat modified version of Original GBWA, and it has dedicated features that are not accessible in any other WAMOD. The best premium WhatsApp that you can get only with this build. I can give a guarantee in that case 😉

One of the best part of this application is; you can spy another WhatsApp account from your account. In other words, you can spy on your girlfriend or boyfriend account with this GBWhatsApp Pro APK. Isn’t awesome?

One of the exclusive feature and most wanted feature too. And also you can be benefited from many options which are available in the popular wamods these days.

It is fully equipped with numerous mods and specially made for hardcore fans who always asks what’s new? When a new update comes in. Are you one of them?

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gbwhatsapp pro apk download

What is GBWhatsApp Pro APK?

Everyone loves premium. Right? It implies something that doesn’t exist in the free version or doesn’t end with the Pro tag. Indeed premium app has many highlights that really not available in the general one.

Exactly, This GBWhatsapp Pro APK has a unique UI design and some other extra convenient features that everyone would fall in love.

It is developed by SAM aka Naeem Ahmed. He is also a creator of Transparent apps like Royal Whatsapp Transparent, GBInstagram Transparent Prime and many other WAMODS. You can find what he contributed till now by clicking this tag #SAM

Version Info

NameGBWA Pro
Size40 MB
Last UpdatedSeptember 11, 2023

Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK for Android (Anti-Ban)

Still, there are some options yet to discuss, including but not limited to Media Sharing, Choosing Media Player, Auto Reply Messages, Msg tool, Locking Chats and Apps, backup and language.

Currently, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Hindi are supported by this android application. You can see a bit more translations in future.

And finally, this application doesn’t need any root privileges to run. So, You can download GBWhatsApp Pro APK from the below download link.



Here are the top features that come with this mod. Have a look into them.


gbwhatsapppro fonts

Always using the default font is boring. Right? Now, there is an option to change the font that you like from tons of different styles.

At an initial run, it will take longer for downloading the available fonts. So, be with endurance while running the first time. After that, you can freely select any style that you like.

Message Scheduler

gbwa message scheduler

Sometimes it may be a helpful feature to wish friends and family members on their birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates. You can also have this message scheduler with the help of third-party apps, but when you start using GBwhatsApp Pro, you don’t have to install any other app.

Just add a bit of text in the message scheduler field and set the date, time and receiver. That’s it. It will send the message to the person without your help.

3 Dots Menu >> Message Scheduler.

Spy WhatsApp Web

spy whatsapp web

This is a simple technique to monitor another WhatsApp activity.  I already said that this could help you to spy on Girlfriend or boyfriend account by using official Web version.

There is no big thing behind this. It is just using the Whatsapp web version on your smartphone with the help of GBWhatsApp Pro APK.

GBPro Settings >> Spy WhatsApp Web

Privacy Mods

gb whatsapp pro privacy

A lot of privacy mods that you can get from this GBWhatsApp Pro android application. You can see the basic settings as well as some deep privacy options to protect yourself.

Under the General category, you will find these
  • Pause last Seen
  • Hide Status View
  • Anti-revoke
Under Contacts category, you will find these
  • Hide Blue Ticks
  • Hide Second tick
  • Hide Blue Microphone
  • Hide Recording
  • Hide Typing
Under the Group category, you will find these
  • It also has the same settings that are available in the above contact category.

Change Background Main

change background of whatsapp main

You can set any image in the background of the chats, status and calls. Just click on the Load from the gallery option and select the photo/image which you want.

Even clear it when you want to restore the default style.

Themes and Customisation

whatsapp premium themes

The themes which are made for Original GBWA, those will work flawlessly on this Premium version. You don’t have any doubt regarding this thing.

Even, you can download all available themes from our Themes Store and sideload those.

Coming to the customisation part, It can able to do such things that you were not aware of yet.

It’s true. Perfect customisation settings available in GBWhatsapp Pro apk. Just explore it.

How to Install GBWhatsApp Pro APK on Android?

The installation of GBWhatsApp Pro is a piece of cake. You don’t need any technical skill to do that. But, the only thing you have to remember is; take a backup from the Official WhatsApp if you don’t want to lose your chats data.

Don’t Know how to backup? See this video tutorial

Note: If you are updating from old GBWhatsApp Pro, then you must take a backup from GB Pro Settings >> Other mods >> Backup then restore it while installing a new version. See this video tutorial

Now, read the Installation procedure.

Step 1. Download GB WhatsApp Pro APK from our page.

Step 2. Go to the download folder and navigate to the APK. Tap On it.

  • You have to Allow Unknown Sources Option while sideloading the APK’s.
  • Allow It.

Step 3. Again tap on APK to continue the Installation.

gbwhatsapp pro install

Step 4. Once Successfully Installed, then open the app from the apps drawer.

Step 5. Enter your phone number and tap on Copy WhatsApp data (Only if you did backup otherwise no need).

gb whatsapp pro restore

Step 6. Restore it.

That’s it. Now, Go to the GB Pro Settings and Customise GBWhatsApp Pro the way you want.

Download GBStickers for GBWhatsApp Pro

Download GBStickers and GBStickers Maker for GBWhatsApp Pro App. These are additional android apps that help you to send beautiful stickers to your friends.

gbstickers for gbwhatsapp pro app

More than 2500 stickers are available in this app and all you just need to do is; install the app and open it to add stickers into your GBWA Pro.

Size | 58 MB

GBStickers Maker
gbsticker maker app

GBSticker Maker is the same as the Personal stickers app. So, the android application lets you create your sticker from the raw images by removing the backgrounds. The best one Right?

Size | 5 MB


One of the best features of this app is; Spy Someone WhatsApp account. If you have any interest in how it is going to work, then try GBWhatsApp Pro APK on your Android device right now.

Run a little experiment.

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101 thoughts on “GBWhatsApp Pro APK 17.52 Download Latest (Official) 2023”

  1. My WhatsApp says it out of date, I have been trying to get the update but it doesn’t work. I downloaded version of June 2021 update. It still will not work, what is the problem, do I have to go back to normal WhatsApp. I even deleted and installed back, it will says update the old version, it will not install

    • Try to access the app by setting up old date in android settings.

      Take backup from the old app and uninstall it. Then only now, install this latest version and restore.

      From the next time, download update from this page.

  2. I am using Nokia 5, I started using GB WhatsApp last year February and when it expired I couldn’t upgrade because after downloading, it’s not installing. I later by April this year send from some one phone and it’s working. Now it has expired again. I downloaded, but it’s not installing. Can you help me fix this problem, cos i have no one close to say I will use his own. Please treat it urgent.

    • Try to access the app by setting up old date in android settings.

      Take backup from the old app and uninstall it. Then only now, install this latest version and restore.

      From the next time, download update from this page.

  3. Please am using the updated pro, but I can’t receive messages due to storage space. I have cleared almost everything in my phone, from, but messages are not still coming in , but I can send message n post status. Some should please help. Thank you

  4. Hey I was using pro version and I loved it very much.
    But unfortunately, after updating the latest version I couldn’t install it again ..
    Could you help me??

  5. Hii Bro,
    Could you please add/introduce automatic unknown number blocking feature….
    B’coz, i got soo many Ad/spam whatsapp messages which are related to “Play Rummy Game with Betting”….
    and these messages are sending each & every time with a new whatsapp number (Indian Phone No.)….

    They send the Ad/Spam Message to me in whatsapp and after that block my whatsapp number quickly with in seconds to unable me for reply to them….

    So, Please add/introduce automatic unknown number blocking feature in next update in GB/OG WhatsApp (Pro)….

  6. The current gb whatsapp status format is not pleasing. I prefer the previous one which displayed people’s status in one page rather than being on the top and forcing me to click on the profile image in order to see the content instead of having a clue of what is on the person’s status like before. One can’t see the time of the status update unless you click on the status. The previous version in relation to this issue is better. I’d wish to have that back, please.

  7. can u help me how to restore chat that i backup from gbwhatsapp to this gbwhatsapp pro? can you give me the steps to backup n restore

  8. I’m not able to find spy whatsapp web. Infact I’m not able to find gbwhatsapp pro menu.

    Where it is in New 8.45

  9. On version 8.45 . I just dont know wht the function of this green color circle when swipe the chat to the right. Cn u tell what is that ? Hehe thanks


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