GBWhatsApp APK 10.0 Download Latest [Anti-Ban]

Do you want to download the latest version of the Official GBWhatsApp APK for your Android device?

If yes, then this is one of the best sites for providing the latest mod apks and the Official versions of exclusive android apks which are not available in PlayStore.

In this article, we will give you the massive fan-following Whatsapp Mod called GBWhatsapp APK Download Link. However, it has more than 1 Million users currently.

The overwhelming response from the people makes this GBWhatsApp more successful and helps developers to update the GBWA consistently with the Official WhatsApp versions.

All you know is that WhatsApp is an Instant Messaging Platform that allows you to send Multiple Text Messages, Videos, Images and Voice Recordings to your lovely ones. Even you can able to send Different file formats officially or by using some tricks.

Even though it has tons of features that are only for general users (not for pro ones), Still users (I am talking about the Pro folks) are likely to use Mods like these.

However, you can find many Apps which are popular ones such as YoWa, GBWA Pro and Fouad Whatsapp. We went through all of these and decided to give you the best one.

gbwhatsapp apk download latest

Download GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version for Android

Unfortunately, this GBWhatsApp is only available for the Android Platform. There is no news for the IOS from the Official Team GBMods or Atnfas Hoaks. I think we might soon get that too.

Are you waiting for the download link?

Below is the download link of GBWhatsapp APK Latest Version for all folks who were desperately looking for this moment.

Version Info

DeveloperNorah Mods
Last updatedMarch 31, 2024
Size40 MB

What is GBWhatsApp APK?

GBWhatsApp is one of the greatest mods, which gives you awesome features which are unique. I observed one thing with this app is; that it gives the fastest and most Novel features on its every update.

That is why many people are waiting for the latest version of GBWhatsApp APK to explore the updated features. UI is pretty much the same as the Official version, but the Theming Section will ultimately change your use style.

Tons of themes are developed for this GBWA to change the look and feel of WhatsApp usage.  Actually, most of the themes are developed by its Users.

This GBWhatsApp APK was developed by Atnfas Hoaks from GB Mods, and he is very good at modifying apps. And Released another awesome Instagram Mod that will give you Goosebumps after reading its features.

Do you Want to know what it is?

It is named GB Instagram and is Perfectly suitable for Enthusiasts like me. If you are one like me, then try it ASAP.

Yes, you heard absolutely right. Users are the main asset of this GBWA.

Are you eagerly waiting for the Features part?

Here it is.


Below are some features which are available to use for free. There are no restrictions to enable each option on this GBWA. Completely free to use.

Read all features to know exactly what it is and what is for.


privacy gbwhatsapp

GBWA comes with great privacy options, which are not available in the Official one. In my opinion, they cannot introduce this kind of feature in the official in future also.

From this feature, you can able to hide the below list for Groups and contacts, and these are essential for many of the users. Also, We have another app called GBWA MiNi, which provides only these features with lightweight (22MB).

  • Hide Online Status
  • Hide Blue Ticks
  • Hide Second Tick
  • Hide Writing Status
  • Hide Recording
  • Hide Blue Microphone
  • Hide View Status

And Finally, Anti Revoke – This lets you see the messages which have been deleted by a sender. Interesting? Yes, of course, one of the best privacy options is to view a deleted message. No more secrets.

Menu >> Privacy >> Select which you want to hide.


gb themes

Everybody loves themes, right? Yes, GBWA comes with tons of themes. Even you can also make the theme and send it to the developer. It will be uploaded to the themes server. Don’t Expect money or anything else from the developer for the contribution.

All you need is; to download the GBThemes Apk from the GBWA and install it to open the GBThemes Section. Now, You can able to select the theme which you want from the directory.

Menu >> GB settings >> Download Themes



Theming is enough to give a new look to the GBWA, but do we really need Customisation? I think yes. It will help us to customise each part of the app. So we can able to get the desired look.

Here is the list of what we can able to do with this feature.

  • Conversion Screen
  • Main/Chats Screen
  • Popup Notification
  • Widgets
  • Launcher Icon
  • Ticks Style
  • Notifybar Icon
  • Dark Theme for Settings

Menu >> GB settings >> Appearance

Auto Reply Messages

auto reply messages

One of the beneficial features is that it can easily send the Reply to any contact. All you need to do is; Set the Desired message text in the Auto Reply Field.

It will automatically send the text to someone who tried to contact you. Even you can able to use this feature in official WhatsApp with third-party Apps (mostly available in playstore), but in this app, it has pre-built.

Menu >> GB Settings >> Auto Reply Message >> Plus Button >> Toggle Button.

Media Sharing

media sharing

It is for enhancing Picture, Video and Audio sharing options. From this, you will get some decent modifications which are exclusively available in this type of APPS.

Here is the list which you will get from this.

  • Can Send Video up to 50 MB
  • Send Image with max resolution
  • Can send Audio up to 100 MB
  • Able to post Full resolution Picture as a Status
  • Can increase Video limit for status (7 minutes)

Menu >> GB Settings >> Appearance >> Media Sharing

Other MOD’s

other mods

I thought that this would be the best suitable Heading for explaining the remaining features which are available in the GBWhatsAPP APK.  So, Read more about this one below.

Ban-Proof: Now, Anti-Ban Codes are added in the latest version. No need to worry at all.

Lock: You can Add a lock with the passcode to protect your chat’s secrets from others. It will help you to prevent accidentally opening by friends or family members.

Video Player: You can choose a third-party video player like MX Player Pro.

Disable Voice calls: If you don’t want to receive any calls from contacts, then this is the perfect solution for you.

Always Online: You will stay online even the screen goes off.

Lock Particular Chat: you can find this when you open the menu from the chat screen

DND (Do Not Disturb): by enabling this option, your gbwhatsapp will not receive an Internet connection.

Group Broadcasting – Send broadcast messages to many groups at once (removed)

Forwards – Send 250 forward messages instead of 5.

Find more by exploring the GBWA, and more features will be coming.

If you downloaded it successfully on your android device, then dive into the Step by Step Guide to install GBWA on your android device.

How to Install GBWA APK? (Step-by-Step Guide)

The installation procedure is quite as simple as you think. It needs approximately 1 minute based on your device hardware.

If you are aware of installation from unknown sources (exactly means; not from playstore), then you don’t need to follow the below procedure partially.

Also included a procedure for backup-ing and restoring data from the Official Whatsapp to GBWhatsApp without any hassle. It may need some time to be accomplished.

Well, Start reading Now.

Do Complete Chat BackUp

Here is how you can do that.

Note: Skip this Step if you are updating from the GBWhatsapp rather than Official Whatsapp. I mean only follow Below Steps if you are migrating from official One (Playstore Version)

Step 1. Open Official WhatsApp and head over to Settings by going through the 3 dots icon in the top right corner.

gb whatsapp chat backup

Step 2. Tap on chats.

Step 3. Select Chat backup there.

backup chat data from whatsapp

Step 4. Finally, tap on the backup button. It will take some time to be completed as per your message count.

Install GbWhatsapp APK with Chat Restoring

Step 1. Tap on the GBWhatsApp APK that you have downloaded from this page. You might get a popup if you did not allow this source option.

Step 2. Allow it and Tap again to install the GBWhatsapp APK on your android device.

Gb Whatsapp install

Step 3. Open the app and click on Agree and Continue Button.

GbWhatsapp APK Copy whatsapp data

Step 4. Now, you can see the Copy Whatsapp Data Button and Enter your number

Step 5. Once your number is verified, then you will see the restore Option. Click on it to restore all chats.

Restore chat data from whatsapp to gbwhatsapp

Step 6. Wow! Good to Go! Tap on the 3 dots from the top right corner, and you can customise the app by going through Gb Settings.

Gb Settings


Don’t bother about security concerns. GBWhatsapp is also providing the same security and policies as the official Whatsapp. So, If you want to get more extra features, then download the GBWhatsapp apk on your device right now.

I hope you will love this article.

We will be very thankful if you share this Awesome GBWhatsapp APK with your friends.

If you have any doubts regarding this, please comment below. we will assist you ASAP.

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