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Are you frustrated with looking for a competent music downloader with high-quality downloads, fewer application errors, multiple platform compatibility, and zero pop-ups? This is every music lovers’ dream downloader but sadly, only a handful of applications can try to handle such demands and if they do, they come with a few defects. Some people cannot afford to buy music or purchase premium subscriptions for their downloads. After all, why music is food for the soul and should, therefore, be available at more affordable rates than the ones currently set. Luckily, among the top-tier music downloaders that actually work, SpotiFlyer has made an effort at perfection to bring you the best music download experience you can find online.


What is SpotiFlyer APK?

The SpotiFlyer APK is simply a free music downloader that allows you to download any kind of music and entire albums from the following sources:

  • Spotify
  • YouTube
  • YouTube Music
  • SoundCloud
  • Jiosaavn
  • Gaana

No paid subscriptions, no ads, no unnecessary errors. SpotiFlyer gives you the best of the best with fast downloads, a simple UI that can accommodate all ages, and quality music formats to make it complete.

App Details

Size8.16 MB
Last updatedJanuary 07, 2024

Download SpotiFlyer APK for Android

As a free music downloader, you can get as many songs as you want onto your Android device. You can also get the latest version of SpotiFlyer APK from the link provided since the app isn’t available from playstore.

How to use SpotiFlyer APK?

  • Download and install the latest version of SpotiFlyer APK onto your Android device and run it.
  • You’d find the interface to be quite elegant and straight forward with all the popular streaming sites that are compatible with the app posted on the main page.
  • Tap on your preferred streaming site and once you find the track, playlist, or album you wish to download, copy it’s link and paste it onto the SpotiFlyer section that says “Paste Link Here”
  • The app will automatically retrieve the necessary files and once you tap on download, your songs will be added to your device.
  • Sometimes, depending on your region of residence, you might be required to use a VPN for the SpotiFlyer application to function correctly.


Download High-Quality Music From Popular Streaming Platforms

Spotify, YouTube, YouTube Music, Jiosaavn, and Soundcloud are some of the most popular streaming sites online. Each of these platforms is famous for providing top quality music to listeners worldwide. However, one of the most significant downsides is the fact that you cannot download music without a premium account, and even if you do get the paid subscription, your downloads would still be held on these platforms and not in your phone’s storage.

Furthermore, since each of these platforms has its own unique features, you’d have to download all of them to experience the diversity that exists leading to depleting storage space. Luckily, SpotiFlyer offers users the chance to change all that. You don’t even need to have downloaded the Spotify or YouTube Music application to download music. You can now copy the link to the specific track on either of these sites and paste it to SpotiFlyer allowing you to download it for free and in good quality.

Download Entire Albums and Playlists

What if you could download entire playlists from YouTube Music or your favourite album from Spotify? Yes, SpotiFlyer makes all this possible. All you have to do is visit the designated sites and copy the targeted links onto the app.

You will be provided with a list of all the songs available on that playlist for you to choose which of them you’d like to download or consider getting the entire thing. Enjoy listening to the most trending playlists and your favourite albums offline because all your downloads are saved onto your phone. What’s more, the downloads are extremely fast allowing you the chance to get your music in bulk.

Download With Original Album/Playlist Cover

Every playlist on YouTube Music, Spotify, or any other streaming platform comes with its own unique cover art. The same thing goes for albums all over the internet. Most people aren’t aware of the crucial role that an albums cover’s design has on the album itself.

While it may seem that an album is all about the music it holds, the cover serves as the face of the entire album as it grabs the attention of every interested listener and tells a vital story that the artist intends on portraying. That’s why listeners are always keen on getting the original album cover for the album’s they’re downloading and SpotiFlyer gives you exactly that.

High-Quality MP3 Music Format

While SpotiFlyer only downloads music in MP3 formats, it provides you with a broad range of audio quality options from 128 – 320 KBPS. Depending on your data budget, you can download all the songs you want by choosing the most appropriate quality and still save on data.

No Ads

No one wants to download an app full of pop-ups and video ads. Music downloaders are especially notorious for allowing their sponsors to dump tons of advertisements drastically lowering user experience. With the SpotiFlyer application, your browsing and downloading experience will be ad-less and smooth.


Take a step to contribute to translating the app into your local language. Not only will you be able to use the app comfortably in your preferred dialect, but will also help other users with a similar preference.

SpotiFlyer has racked up tens of millions of downloads so far and still needs to be kept up and running for the many users who depend on its services. Therefore, to support the developer you can always donate any amount using Open Collective, Paypal, or RazorPay.

Final Words

You no longer need to download different music saver apps to get your downloads from specific streaming platforms. Using the SpotiFlyer APK gives you unlimited access to multiple music sites so get started today and share your experiences with friends allowing them the opportunity to marvel at the possibilities of the new age technology.

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